Monday, 23 April 2012

Product Review: Berber Oil Collection

I was recently sent some of the new Berber Oil Collection to try. 

I was worried. My hair is really fine and gets greasy quickly. Anything that has the word 'oil' in the title puts me off straight away. Last year I went to Marrakech and came home with lots of Argan Oil which I ended up using on my swollen pregnant tummy because even a drop of it made my hair look like I'd been swimming in chip fat....

But I loved this stuff. I even used the mask as a daily conditioner after shampooing. I applied it root to tip (something I can never do with lank hair like mine) and it still looked clean as a whistle after blow-drying.

I ran the oil through my hair while it was still wet and then dried and straightened as usual. I sometimes added a touch of the oil to the ends of my hair once it had been styled to smooth down any frizz.

I'll be buying this stuff again. My hair has recently taken a beating thanks to me going from blonde, to ice blonde, to light brown and then to really dark brown in the space of a couple of months.

This stuff was exactly what it needed to re-moisturise and give it some body.

My only complaint is that you need alot of the shampoo to get a good lather going. Which is annoying as there are cheaper shampoos to buy out there.

Other than that, this is great. If your hair needs a drink then check this stuff out.

Product received for review purposes: but opinions 100% my own. 
Always. X


P said...

I still need to do my review for this! I've liked the oil since i got some at the IWD in the Hillhead Bookclub but I'm still trying to decide what I think about the other products.

Holly said...

This looks really great! My hair is short and very curly so I use coconut oil in mine. :)

Dawn Young said...

I thought it was fab x

Anonymous said...

Oo love this review, my hair is also fine and can look lank with the tiniest bit of product! Might give it a try =)

Dawn Young said...

Sounds like your hair is really similar to mine. This stuff is honestly really great x