Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Guest Post from Miss Smidge

My second guest post comes from the equally lovely Miss Smidge.....

So, Dawnie asked me to write a guest post for her on resolutions.

My first resolution must therefore not to be jealous that she is sunning herself on holiday whilst I am sitting writing this. Jealousy is a very bad thing. Ahem.

Anyways, resolutions. I am a big fan of resolutions, not that I ever really keep them, as instead they are a good record of how good I want to be.

However, I am never good for a whole year; in fact, month to month I fail at being good. I like to eat, smoke and drink and generally have fun rather than restrict myself, so instead of once a year resolutions I have been doing seasonal resolutions which are much easier (and so not a cop out).

As we are well into what we call spring here in Scotland, I though this would be a good chance to have a look back at what I promised I’d do over winter.

  • Keeping up with the not smoking: Ok, I must be honest here, I failed miserably at giving up smoking. I happily chain smoked right through Christmas and New Year. In fact as I was in Australia (hello Dubai duty free) I was worse than ever. However, B (Mr Smidge) has set me a challenge. If I don’t give up smoking by the wedding, then he won’t marry me. Harsh yes, but after 16 years if stubbornness, the carrot approach as failed miserably with me.  I am currently on day 2. Wish me luck.
  • House decorating rather than just talking about it: / the big refurbishment: I love my little house. I really do. B and I really would like to start a family, and we are in denial that 2 tiny adults, 2 fat cats and 1 tiny baby can live without strangling each other in our tiny little space. It however has been decorated (I started a home tour here if you are interested) so I think I can check this resolution off the list.
  • Making a proper meal at least once a week, from scratch. Now this is something I have really been getting into, in fact (nearly) every meal in our house is made from scratch now. With all the time on my hands from not smoking I also think this is going to increase further, last night, for example I made Thai green curry (with my own curry paste) and set up a minted lamb in red wine in my slow cooker for tonight’s tea. I never thought I would love cooking quite as much as I do now, so this was a great resolution to add to the list.
  • Realising that it is time to stop thinking that I can afford to buy things from Cocosa or the Outnet. What is annoying with this one is that I can afford to buy nice things (well not so much now I am paying for a wedding) and that honestly, the quality is so much better than the offerings on most of the high street, for example my Twenty8Twelve by s.miller jeans bought two years ago still shirk back to their perfect skinny fit. My Baxter’s from Topshop bought at the same time, not so much. I think I will continue to be an advocate of quality.
  • Using up the cleansers on my bathroom shelf and stop using face wipes. I’m still trying this, I now use Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish every morning in the shower, but honestly my face seems to be getting worse by the day. I hope that it is just the nasty impurities coming out (yuck) and this will settle down in time. I love getting my Joliebox every month too as I get to try out new products. I happily am becoming a product junkie.

And finally I wanted to:
  • Stop panicking that my blog looks like it has finally grown up. Like everyone (it seems) I have been having a crisis of confidence about my blog for a while now. I no longer write about misery (I guess I am happy now) and don’t get the comments I used to. Instead my blog is now a mix of bad fashion, ok cooking, iPhone photos and chat about boys and marriage. Which is my life and my blog, if no one reads it, well that’s not what it is therefore after all, I really do write for me… I promise! 

Miss S x 

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