Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Product Review: Popchips

Recently the lovely people at Popchips sent me a box of their amazing snacks.

I couldn't wait to try them. Anything that markets itself as a healthy snack gets me excited. I like to snack.

They come in five different flavours: original, barbeque, sea salt & vinegar, salt & pepper & sour cream & onion.

Having successfully munched our way through half the box, the boyfriend & I couldn't quite decide how you would describe them. In the end he hit the nail on the head: they are kind of like a cross between a poppadom and a snackajack rice cake.

And the verdict? They are delicious. I mean REALLY good. A little bit addictive. I've already been back to Whole Foods and stocked up on our favourite flavours. He's a barbeque man. I'm more a sour cream & onion girl.

The best part is how healthy they are. Because they are popped in heat and pressure (instead of fried or baked) they are low in fat and calories yet they still taste delicious. I would highly recommend to anyone who likes to snack but also likes to watch their weight.

You can find Popchips at Waitrose, Whole Foods, Harvey Nichols, Planet Organic & Costco or you can order online through ocado.com or amazon.co.uk

Product received for review purposes: but opinions 100% my own.
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Anonymous said...

Ooo yum! They look lovely, I wish there was a Waitrose closer to me! I am also a snack lover :)

Herryponting said...
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