Sunday, 24 June 2012

Life in Snapshots #6

More baking. Not thrown in my baking towel quite yet.

Shampoo hairstyles make bathtime so much more fun. 

I made a cauliflower & lentil curry but it was pretty meh.

I've been lazy & caught up on loads of TV while Ava naps.

Made this. He loved it. I thought that it was also meh.

I managed to get a night out.

5.30pm is now officially pyjama & Peppa Pig time. I love it.

I managed to do this without the baby waking up.

We made Huevos Rancheros for dinner. It was awesome.

Something to counteract all this football.

And this little lady is getting so big, that sometimes I just have to stop & take a breath.


daisychain said...

Yay for baking, I must make time to do some this week!

xXxStundonxXx said...

Some delicious looking food there! That bath looks lovely, I want to jump in there now ha x

P said...

Wow, who's that hotty in your night out pictures? Hehe.

That last pic of the penguin is absolutely GORGE!

Dawniepopsies said...

I seem to have the baking bug now.....xx

Dawniepopsies said...

Uninterrupted baths are a rarity with a baby :-( x

Dawniepopsies said...

She still looks like a boy though hehe! x