Sunday, 26 August 2012

Life in Snapshots #7

My superfood salad (I started a health kick).

I think we have discovered Peppa Pig's biggest fan.

I still get flowers regularly. I think he likes to remind me how lucky I am.

We discovered someone loves poppadoms.

I'm (sort of) sticking to my healthy eating.

We've been feeding the ducks. I swear those crows feet weren't there 11 months ago.....

There's been cocktails.

And an amazing stay at the Malmaison.

Where we somehow managed a free upgrade to a suite!!!

Which made me very happy.


daisychain said...

that salad looks SO good!

Lillies and Love said...

Love it! Ava is getting so big and it's great to see you and Mr having a bit of quality time together :) xx