Thursday, 3 January 2013

January Joy (3)

The third January Joy was a pretty easy one as we had already planned on a lunch date to Yo Sushi today. What with it being Ava's first day back at nursery and the first opportunity we've had in weeks to spend some proper time together.

Yo Sushi being the chosen venue because it could be moderately healthy when you made the right choices. And guess what..... 

I actually did. 

While the boyfriend stuffed his face with duck gyoza and and tempura, I stuck to diet coke, sashimi and only the healthy sushi. 

Luckily I bloody love sushi and would eat it every day if I could so it wasn't too much of a hardship.

Sorry for the brain dead post. I am shattered and I still have a recipe to blog before I throw myself in a bubble bath.

Tomorrow's January Joy is to go for a walk. Which should be funny. Because I don't walk any further than the car.

To be continued.

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