Monday, 14 January 2013

January Joy (9, 10, 11 & 14)

Last week was pretty hectic over here leaving me little time to blog. As a result I have decided to compact the January Joys into a few per post. Mainly because I don't really have the time to blog every single day plus I'm starting to worry that they are actually a little boring....

#9 Try A New Exercise

Um, yeah, so one of my New Years Resolutions was to 'get Jennifer Aniston's upper arms'. Unfortunately my upper arms still look exactly the same as they did last year. I think next years resolution is definitely going to be to not make any more new years resolutions. Or maybe to eat whatever the hell I want? Or to drink more wine? They sound like much better resolutions. But seriously, I haven't even done anything - Miss P even sent me a youtube video that I could do that isn't even that long. But I've been too lazy to even try it....

#10 Plan A Getaway

We are foregoing a holiday abroad as 2013 is going to be a seriously tight year. We need to concentrate on moving to a house (our flat is only a two bedroom and I am broody as hell). As a result we are going to try and plan a couple of cheaper getaways this year. Our romantic weekend to Loch Ness had to be cancelled as the hotel we were booked into went into administration. However, we have a long weekend booked on the Isle of Arran in May (one of my favourite places) and we are going to try and get away with Ava's cousins and family for a few nights somewhere during the summer. There will no doubt need to be a couple of baby free nights away throughout the course of the year as well.

#11 Go To The Cinema

This cinema thing drives me nuts. Since A was born we have been trying to arrange a cinema trip for ages but the truth is, that when we do get a sitter and some time off, all we really want to do is go out for a romantic meal and drink copious volumes of wine. So the cinema always gets pushed to the back burner. However there are 3 films I would really like to see right now (The Hobbit, Les Mis & The Wee Man) so I reckon a cinema trip is imminent.

#14 Monday Mani or Proper Pedicure

So yeah, it's Monday and I will probably give myself a home manicure as I always find paying for it a bit of a waste. I must be really careless as my nails always chip within about ten minutes. 

I'm going to stick with this January Joy stuff purely because I said I would do it but I'm struggling for things to say about it.....

Soz x


Smidge said...

I've been exercising! I'm doing the 30 day shred and I have ordered another Jillian Michaels one called no more problem bits or something like that, purely to sort out my arms!

Dawn Young said...

Go you! I need to follow your lead....x