Tuesday, 8 January 2013

January Joy (7 & 8)

As I'm a day behind I am doing two January Joys in one post. The first one tells you to 'overhaul your skin care'. However, as my skin is prone to oiliness, I don't really want to break a routine that works for me. So instead I have done a post about my current favourite skincare products.

I use this eye make-up remover as not only is it cheap but I find the liquid type really gets rid of all the liquid liner and mascara that I often wear during the day. 

I am also in love with this Arran Aromatics eye gel I bought while we were there last year. Luckily we go over once a year and I reckon I have just the perfect amount left to last me until our next jaunt over in May.

I've been alternating between the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser and Olay's basic moisturiser for years. The first because I love it and it makes my skin feel lovely and the second because I have it on good authority that if you use Olay your whole life then you will dramatically reduce the amount of wrinkles you end up with when you retire. Jury is still out on that one. I'm also testing out a new wheat germ moisturiser at the moment that I was sent to review. 

I love applying this Clarins serum after I have given myself a mini facial in the bath. It's luxurious and smells amazing and I love how plump and smooth it makes my skin the next morning.

I've just started using this Clarins Cleanser and it's great for getting all my make-up off at the end of the day. It foams really well and my skin feels squeaky clean after using it. 

Because I have oily skin I use an exfoliator regularly to slough off all those dead skin cells. I bought this Olay one because it is self-heating and  you can really feel the heat when you first apply it to your skin. I must admit that I prefer their normal exfoliator though and will probably go back to that when it is done.

The 8th January Joy is to 'Try some new music'. Instead of ordering some new CD's though, I have decided to have a good listen to some of my bloke's CD collection. So far I have discovered that I am a fan of The Cure, The Pixies and The Velvet Underground. All bands I have been meaning to listen to for years but never quite got round to it.....

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