Friday, 18 January 2013

Why I'm Giving Up The Resolutions - For Good

My readers will know that I am a fan of the odd New Years Resolution. See here & here. However, unsurprisingly this years resolutions have to come to absolutely nothing. I know it's only the 18th but to be honest I haven't even started them yet and at this rate, I probably won't.

Instead (and probably to make myself feel better), I am becoming more and more disillusioned with the entire concept of them. I'm starting to see them for exactly what they are. A way to assuage the massive holiday guilt we are all lugging around with us come January (along with the extra 5lbs in weight and a liver like pate). We need to convince ourselves that we must somehow repent for our devilish December ways. But foolishly convincing ourselves that by mid-Feb we will look like Abbey Clancy and be fluent in a second language is just silly.

I like the idea of bettering ourselves. Just not in January. January is miserable enough. Why make it even more miserable? In fact if Drink Aware had any sense they would actually be encouraging us to have an extra glass of wine a night - just to make it through to February.

If you really want to make a change then change can happen at any time. When it is necessary or needed. I had baby weight to lose. I lost it. I said I would blog a lot more. I have.  I swore I would take up baking. I did. (It didn't last though - as predicted, I fucking hate baking.)

My point is that 2011's resolutions actually came really good for me and I managed to achieve a lot of them. I don't know why - maybe because I wasn't really that bothered whether I did or not.

This years resolutions however, have fallen flat on their arse. So without much further ado, I give you a recap...

  1. I am not 8,7lbs. I am still around 8,10lbs (give or take a lb). I have been this weight for about 6 months now and my weight even stayed the same when I gave up breastfeeding. I am not going to lose this extra 3-4lbs unless I diet hard. For a good couple of weeks at least. And I can't be bothered. The very fact my weight has plateud here and stayed the same means that must be my natural weight. So I need to get over it. Bigger/skinnier people are always telling me I have a nice figure & to stop moaning. But the problem isn't weight - it's me. No matter what I look like I will always strive to be 5lbs thinner. And that is want I want to work on in 2013 (but it's not a resolution). 
  2. I am still having a glass of wine most nights. My partner thinks I am crazy for beating myself up so much about it. I never drank that much during the week before I had penguin because I was usually making up for it by partying at the weekend. These days I get a night out maybe once a month. So if I want to enjoy a glass of red in front of Eastenders of an evening then so be it. When I start slurring my words and hitting the bottle before 7pm, then we can worry. However, I do need to address this ridiculous guilt I seem to carry around with myself over everything. And in 2013 I plan to do that. Once again, this is not a resolution
  3. I don't have Jennifer Aniston's upper arms. I haven't even done any arm exercises. Cause when I finally get my little rascal to bed (and pour myself that glass of wine), all I want to do is flake out on the sofa and watch telly and eat nice food. Not lift cans of beans in time to the opening credits of Coronation Street. Maybe I will tone up my arms soon. Maybe I won't. My new job involves working on reception at a very posh hotel with some seriously good leisure facilities. I'm hoping there's some kind of discount on those facilities as it would be lovely to go into work a little early (or stay a little late) and go for a work out or a swim. I do miss exercise and often think it would be the perfect opportunity for some me time (something that greatly lacks after you start having kids). So if so, then that would be great. But I will be toning those upper arms because life worked out to make it handy to do so. Not because I forced myself into some empty promise that I will never keep.
So. Those are my new 'resolutions'. And with them comes a promise to never make any more.

We'll talk again come December 29th.

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