Saturday, 19 January 2013

January Joy (15, 16 & 17)

Aren't Januarys just fabulous. You'll note the lack of a question mark there. Between the freezing weather, the lack of cash and the fact that you are probably on some ridiculous detox, it is by far the most miserable month of the year. Oh yeah and it's a 5 week month. Nice for people who get paid weekly. Not so nice for those of us who have to pay extra nursery fees, wait longer on our wages, etc, etc.

Just full of the joys of spring aren't I? I can't wait for spring. How many sleeps till Christmas?

Anyway. Some more January Joys for ya.

#15 Read A New Book

I'm still working my way through that Piers Morgan book (shut it). Between my weekly mags and the fact that I struggle most nights to keep my eyes open after 9pm, it genuinely does take me about 6 months to read a book. Even the ones with big writing and lots of pictures. I have The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie to go onto next which I'm looking forward to as I have wanted to read it for years. I'm also planning on pinching my boyfriend's copy of The Suspicions of Mr Whicher and although I still haven't got round to it yet, I am definitely going to order The Drowning Pool on the recommendation of Penny.

Look At The Budget/Makes A Savings Plan

We won't be drinking very much of this in 2013...

...or eating many dinners like these.

Things are very tight in our little household right now. Apart from the usual slog of making sure the mortgage and bills get paid, we also want to try and move to a bigger place. Add the fact that we need a new roof on our flat (at a cost of about £20,000) and you can imagine how tight things are. So we are trying to make some changes for the better. We eat out less and take advantage of any good Groupon type vouchers that come our way. The nicer bottles of wine are left sitting firmly on the wine rack with the vain hope of a celebratory occasion befalling us now and again and instead we are drinking what is essentially cheap crap. I am a reduced section junkie in the supermarket. As a result we eat things like lots of good fish, nice meat, etc, for a fraction of the price. The freezer however is literally bulging at the seams and you couldn't squeeze a fish finger in there right now. We've also decided to forego a holiday abroad this year in favour of a few nights away up north. Given myself and my boyfriend's love of eating out, cooking with expensive ingredients and drinking good wine, it's going to be a really tight year for us. But if it means we are eventually in a nice house with a garden and driveway and can afford to spend two weeks wherever we want then it'll be worth it.

Get A Haircut Or Try A Wash In/Wash Out Colour

My Ombre still has a couple of inches to go....

My hair grows crazy fast, so at the moment I am trying to do my own Ombre without having to actually do it if you know what I mean. So far I have about 2 inches of dark roots. Not quite enough for it to look proper Ombre'd but if I can keep going for another couple of months, I reckon it will probably look quite good. However it is bugging me and a every so often I get a real urge just to go back to my usual blonde. I've been brunette now for a year and although I think I look better, I know how much the bloke prefers my blonde hair.

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P said...

I'd say with your auto-ombre you are getting to be almost blonde - very very dark blonde mind, haha! I tried an ombre (again!) this week; been gradually dyeing the top part of my hair a darker shade every time but it stll is barely noticeable!