Monday, 21 January 2013

A Food Diary

I get asked constantly by people on Twitter and Instagram how I am not the size of a house. I can understand why they ask, all I do is tweet about food. But I actually don't eat as much as I probably portray myself to. Or maybe I do. I can seriously eat.

Anyway Mantra Pixie suggested the idea of a food diary on her blog the other day and being an unashamed thief, I stole the idea. So here is my food diary from last week. 

Monday: I didn't have any breakfast or lunch today. At night I made Jamie Oliver's veggie chilli with tortilla salad

Tuesday: For lunch I went for sushi with Chats. I had a full tuna roll. That night we had home made fish, chips & peas

Wednesday: I didn't eat during the day again. I then came home and ate lots of crap like popcorn, crisps and biscuits to make up for a rubbish day. For dinner my boyfriend made a crispy beef sweet chilli stir fry with noodles which I accompanied with my bodyweight in prawn crackers

Thursday: I just had dinner today. The bloke made some delicious king prawn & chorizo skewers with baked potatoes, sour cream and salad.

King Prawn & Chorizo Skewers

Friday: I had 2 rice cakes with ham and low fat coleslaw for lunch. For dinner I made Nigella's Asian Chowder which we had with garlic bread and a green salad

Nigella's Asian Chowder

Saturday: We were out and about today so we stopped off for a pub lunch. I ate half a whitebait starter then half a rotisserie chicken with chips (bbq and sour cream dips on the side). I might have also pinched a couple of Ava's chicken nuggets and some of her chocolate cake. I got peckish again around 6 (I eat ALOT at the weekends) and snacked on some antipasti mix and crisps. Then we had 5 spice duck breast with noodles for dinner. I might have followed that with a penguin biscuit and some Ben & Jerrys.

This 5 spice duck recipe was really disappointing

Olives, capers, stuffed peppers, feta & balsamic onions

Sunday: I had a couple of cocktail sausages for brekkie then made a fried egg sandwich for lunch. I snacked on another small bowl of antipasti before having a roast lamb dinner with hot millionaires shortcake and ice-cream for dessert. Later on there might have been a small bowl of popcorn and some chocolate. To be fair the three of us threw most of the popcorn at each other

Roast Lamb dinner

Unsurprisingly, Ava didn't love olives

Fried egg sarnie on toasted bread

As you can see, what I don't eat during the week I certainly make up for at the weekends. And I have a seriously good appetite on me.

Alot of people will probably think my diet is silly and unhealthy. I honestly don't agree. I see the days I only eat dinner as 'fast' days. A diet which I really advocate to not only keep you healthy but to keep your weight down. If you want to read more about it you can here. Prince Charles and Philip Schofield are also big fans of only eating once a day but no one gives them a hard time because they are blokes!

It should also be noted that I drank a glass of red every night last week. With maybe a couple of extra glasses over the weekend. 

I'm going wine free tonight. In fact I'm going wine free every night until Friday.

I'm hating it.

Link me up to your food diaries. I love this shit.


Unknown said...

Ooh this is interesting... might do this... but depends how shameful it is. xx

Dawn Young said...

Definitely do it! I love other people's food diaries! X