Thursday, 7 February 2013

Life In Snapshots #10

I don't have the blogging bug at all right now. Every so often I go through a period of time where I have no inclination to blog and this is definitely one of them. However, they usually only last a couple of weeks so I am doing a little Life In Snapshots post in the meantime.....

Ava's Dad has been getting arty & drawing pictures of her on the chalkboard

I finally got to meet my Twitter buddy @MichaelWChaps & I took him a tour of Glasgow

Being just a small family of 3, it can be difficult to get family shots

This breakfast rocked

I have a new job. I love it but it means one early shift a week. Bleurgh.

Quinoa & black bean tacos. We're still doing Meatfree Monday. He still hates it.

I just adore holding these little hands in mine

We went for some lunch. Paula did some colouring in

I walked into the kitchen to discover this

I've been discovering new ways to maintain ones love handles (Nutella + Ben & Jerrys = heaven)

I tidied Ava's room.....

....she remedied that pretty quickly


P said...

It's like I'm one of your kids.

Oh god.... is that what you think of me? Were you proud of how good I was at colouring in???

Dawn Young said...

Don't be modest! You did REALLY WELL X

Leanne Cornelius said...

Oh my that breakfast looks gorgeous!

I hope you get your blogging mojo back shortly. x

Dawn Young said...

Thank you babe! Think it's coming back :) x