Thursday, 21 March 2013

Turning 30

That's what I will be doing this year and even though it's not for another 6 months, I'm still very much aware of this fact. Probably because my boyfriend keeps reminding me at every available opportunity. 

What prompted this post though was a conversation I had with a random check out assistant in the supermarket the other day. Check out assistants love me. I have no idea why. If anything I think I can be rather surly and unapproachable when I am out and about doing my thing. Or at least I try to be. But they still insist on telling me all about how their daughter has the exact same hair colour as me or how they won £75 on a scratch card that morning.

Anyway I got ID'ed buying wine. I always get ID'ed buying wine. And I buy a lot of wine. My drivers license practically has friction burns from being pulled out of my purse so often. After checking my age she apologised before announcing to the entire queue that I did indeed turn thirty that very year. Rather than throw my avocado at her, which was tempting, I smiled sweetly and carried on packing my shopping. What she did say stuck with me though. She told me that your thirties are the best years of  your life. And it stuck with me because she is not the first person to say this to me. My Mum has told me a few times that I will love my thirties. To look forward to them because they will be the best years. 

And why? Apparently we are more rounded individuals in general. We know who we are. Who we would like to be and who we will never be. What we like. What we don't. We don't spend out lives wasting time on the people that don't matter (men or friends) and we don't obsess about our weight or constantly strive to have Jessica Alba's abs. In short, we are more content.

Sounds good doesn't it? I believe it. At the ripe old age of 29 I am already going that way and I can see now that the next ten years are going to be good ones. I no longer sweat the small stuff as much. I'm no longer constantly striving to be someone that I am not. To impress people who don't matter. To have as many friends as possible, the busiest social life or the smallest waist measurements. Don't get me wrong, I will always be a little bit of a calorie counter. I will always jump on the scales once a week and feel ridiculously guilty if I eat too much cake but I am definitely a lot more relaxed than I was a few years ago.

Maybe it's having Ava? Realising that there are much more important things to worry about in life like giving HER the right diet or education. Making sure she is as loved as she possibly can be. Or maybe it's that I don't actually have the time any more to worry about these things because I am so busy trying to get her to and from nursery, get myself to and from work while still making sure that there are  Peppa Pig yogurts and bottles of beer in the fridge. 

Or just maybe its down to age and experience. Which is probably the most likely. My twenties has taught me what and who is important. Family, friends, love. They matter. Not fashion, friends in high places or partying.

My outlook since having Ava has changed considerably though. Gone are the days of wallowing in self-pity. Of feeling miserable and not caring. Instead of lashing out, abusing my body and losing track of my life when things get bad, now I get up and get on with it. I might be a little cranky when life is tough. I know I can be snappy and irritable (sorry boyfriend). But for the most part I don't really ever feel depressed any more. A bit angry at the world maybe but that's normal - I have a toddler. I've been lucky enough to have never been struck down with post-natal depression though and I appreciate that that is something different completely.

Anyway, my point is that I am turning thirty this year. And for all my moaning and whining, I'm actually kind of looking forward to it.

Just don't tell anyone.

Ironically, halfway through writing this post I discovered that I am going to be receiving a free anti-ageing laser face treatment in a couple of weeks. I will be blogging the results. Because I might be looking forward to turning thirty but I am still a vain cow who loves a freebie.


MadameVale said...

Grrr I tried to comment and blogger had a funny five?! So here I go again?!

I too am in the 'Turning 30 this year and still ID'd for wine' club! I am experiencing all you have described (minus the toddler!) but with getting married this year and starting 2 new businesses I have found being busy really does sharpen the mind! Not sweating the small stuff and knowing who you are and what's important make life far more enjoyable :)

So here's to our 30's they're gonna rock!

Much love x

P said...

My 30s have been great so far!

Ps didn't realise A drinks beer now... ;-) x

Dawn Young said...

Exactly!!! I'll drink to that xx

Dawn Young said...

Beer? She's on the voddie right now xx

Kirsty said...

Roffled! Xx