Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Food #5

I should really just name this post a tribute to the Budget Bytes blog as I am a bit obsessed with trying her recipes right now. 

I cooked this one night and it was reeeeeally good. There is quite a lot of butter in this but I am very pro-butter. None of this 'lowers your cholesterol' but tastes like shit stuff in this house. Butter has to be salted, room temperature and taken from a proper old fashioned butter dish. God I love butter. Can you tell? Anyway there really isn't THAT much butter in it. I just like talking about butter. But the oil and butter help to keep the chicken really tender and melt in the mouth. Recipe here. Mmm butter.

As we had capers open from the piccatta, my boyfriend whipped up a salsa verde to have with some tuna steaks. This is really easy and great with chicken or fish. There's lots of different ways of doing it but he just finely chopped some basil, parsley, caper berries, gherkins and garlic then added some red wine vinegar, a splash of good extra virgin and some salt and pepper. VoilĂ .

Another Budget Bytes recipe. I have had this recipe stored in my phone for what seems like forever but after the whole horse meat scandal I kinda went off the idea of meatballs. However then I remembered I had some turkey mince in the freezer and decided to make them with that. This was definitely a winning recipe and I won't hesitate to make it again. Teriyaki sauce is really easy and yummy and you could make any kind of meatballs you like using pork or beef mince or both. Recipe here.

I used the left over meatballs to make a Banh Mi bowl. Banh Mi is a Vietnamese sandwich usually served in a sub roll. However bread hates me (even though I heart bread) so this recipe was the perfect opportunity for me to try it without the pain. Go here to get the recipe.

I had one of those days when I didn't know what to make for dinner and Ava was fast asleep meaning I couldn't go out and buy anything. After a quick scan of the contents of the fridge I realised that I had all the ingredients to make a Cobb Salad. Not the healthiest of salads but damn tasty. I ate a LOT of these in LA. The main components of the salad are some salad stuff (I used romaine lettuce, spring onions and tomatoes), avocado, bacon, chicken, chopped hard boiled egg and blue cheese. I used a balsamic glaze I had in the cupboard but I think that this is traditionally served with a red wine vinegarette.

Another Budget Bytes recipe. I was looking forward to these Dragon Noodles but they didn't quite hit the spot for some reason. I experiment a lot of Asian noodle dishes and although these were nice, I prefer something like a Pad Thai. However I think this is probably just me being overly fussy so give the recipe a bash and see what you think. Here ya go.

I got this recipe from The Glasgow Food Blog and although it is a bit fiddly, it is worth doing as it is yummy. The ingredients are all pretty healthy (apart from the sweet chilli sauce I slathered mine in) and it is so fresh tasting and perfect if you are one of those 'Eating Clean' people (I'm not).

And just to confirm I'm not all about the eating clean, we made nachos.

 And god damn they were good.


Leanne Cornelius said...

Love these posts :) this all looks amazing! Xx

Dawn Young said...

Glad you like! Let me know if you try any of the recipes! x