Thursday, 18 April 2013

Perfect Day

The other day we found ourselves in an unusual situation. A situation where I wasn't rushing to get to work.Where  I wasn't rushing to drop Ava off at nursery or at any of the lovely family members of ours who look after her so regularly.

So we jumped in the car and headed to the local farmers market. Where Mummy spent too much money and Ava delighted in the free fudge and sizzling sausages she was handed as we weaved between stalls.

From there we decided to brave the wind and make the walk across Queens Park to the reptile house.

Where we checked out the big fish.

And hit up the soft play. 

She loves me really.

Once home we made some lunch. 
Took some naps...

Then it was off the library. Following a one year old around picking up books is so much FUN.

Then we did some colouring.

Life is a little bit busy these days. 

But this day?

This day was a perfect day.

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