Thursday, 25 April 2013

Hen Dooooooooo

Recently I was offered some products to try out from Given that I was scheduled to be attending a friends hen weekend just a few weeks later, I jumped at the chance. I might pretend to be classy, but it's all a front.

The stuff arrived. Ava ripped open the box, picked up Mr Wonder Willy and looked up at me quizzically. 

The box got hidden away until it was time to start celebrating Louise's impending nuptials.

We are nothing if not mature.

Among all the usual hen do paraphernalia like L plates, bride to be sashes and willy straws were some even better delights like a blow up man (who looked very excited to be there) and a shot glass with a necklace attachment (my personal favourite).

Unfortunately, circumstances beyond my control meant that I wasn't able to go up to Lewis in the end. But that didn't mean the girls didn't make good use of the items I had ordered.

I missed out on some delightful dares such as this one. 

Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

I also missed out on this lovely girl's crazy hen do. 
Which upset me greatly.
 But I will be at that wedding with bells on. 
Try and stop me.

If you are organising a hen do then I couldn't recommend this website more. Not only are their prices really cheap but they even offer next day delivery if you are a bit unorganised (like me).
Not only that but they have a sale on. 
Where tons of items are reduced. 


Leanne Cornelius said...

Will have to check these out for my friends hen in June x

char said...

I just don't get the attraction of hen dos. But I wonder if that's because I don't really get the whole drinking thing either, I haven't drunk any alcohol for years, and I guess they sort of go hand in hand.

Dawn Young said...

Have a proper look. They are doing some stuff really cheap in the sale bit x

Dawn Young said...

I LOVE alcohol hehe. But only cause I love a glass of wine. I'm done with the getting drunk every weekend thing now I am a grown up ;) x