Thursday, 2 May 2013

I put my new shoes on and suddenly everything is right

As a parent there are some pivotal key moments that occur as your little one makes their way through life. Those first steps, that first bit of solid food or the first words. For me, when Ava looked up at me with those big blue eyes and those rounded little rosebud lips and muttered that perfect word 'shoes', well I knew my job here was done.

Since then Ava has become obsessed with shoes. She loves getting new shoes, wears them everywhere (she would wear them to bed if she could) and she is constantly trying to put her converse on bunny. Which is kudos to her given that half the time I struggle to get her converse on her.

Ava was an early walker meaning I had to get her proper shoes pretty much from 11 months. And because she decided to be way over crawling so early I needed shoes of a high quality. Shoes that fitted her feet properly and supported those cute little ankles that I adore so much. That's where children's Start Rite shoes came in.

I love buying shoes for Ava. Pouring a glass of wine, opening the laptop and doing some baby shoe shopping gives me joy. Not so much joy when her Daddy sees the credit card statements but hey? The kid needs shoes right?

If I WAS allowed to fully exercise my friend (that beautiful bit of plastic) more often, here's what I would buy..........
Eek, baby brogues!!!

I think I could even get over my hatred of pink on girls for these amazing Converse hightops

I want these white cat shoes in my size.

And she just NEEDS these lilac campana shoes for our next jaunt over to visit Grandma in Cyprus

Now if you will excuse me, I'm just off to teach Ava how to say handbags.

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Louisa said...

Oh my goodness, the baby brogues are adorable. And the cat shoes I would definitely wear!

P said...

love that last pair!