Monday, 3 June 2013

Rox, Glasgow

Know what I like? I like emails. Emails were never particularly exciting before I started blogging. But since this little blog seems to have taken off a bit this year emails have become a teeny bit more exciting. Don't get me wrong they are still littered with the usual junk, spam and depressing credit card statements but every so often an offer to try a new product, a lovely stranger telling me how much they enjoy reading the blog or an invite to an exciting event drops into my inbox. 

So you can imagine my delight when Toni of Dada emailed me with an invite to an exclusive event at Rox Jewellers in the Argyle Arcade to celebrate the 15th anniversary of GC Watches. I hadn't attended a Rox event before but I had heard that they were a pretty special affair. And they did not disappoint.

We were greeted to a champagne reception (Tattinger on tap of course), some delicious canapes, retro sweets flavoured cocktails and a (frankly amazing) performance from classical opera group Amore. Wow, that was something special. 

Note to self though: eat more and drink less Dawnie. The sore head I was sporting the next day was quite a belter. 

It was still a fantastic night though. Here's some pics.......

              With Rebekah from It's A Kind Of Lovely

As always more pics can be found on the Facebook Page.

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