Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Food #7

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I've had this recipe starred in my Google Reader for ages but as Google Reader is no more I was forced to get baking them quick sharp and I am so glad I did. Highly recommend....


The whole deep south style thing is hitting Glasgow pretty hard right now and thank god. Because I simply cannot get enough of things like wings, hush puppies, slow cooked ribs and crab claws. If you are in Glasgow then go here. Not only is the bar laid out to be so dark and ridiculously cool that you feel like you are in an episode of True Blood but their Perfect Storm cocktail is out of this world. And don't even get me started on that deep fried cheesecake

Another Greek Platter

Still doing the Greek thing. Mainly because my Mum brought me about a million packets of amazing village halloumi on her most recent jaunt back  home and because I usually have most of the rest in the kitchen for those nights that I just can't be bothered

I had half a packet of Arran Blue in the fridge and as it's basically my favourite blue in the whole wide world, I was not chucking it out. So I found this risotto recipe and oh my goodness. So worth doing

A trip up north meant a visit to The Old Mill Inn in Pitlochry. I was reminded that chips taste about a million times better with Cajun seasoning on them, that I don't really like deep fried haggis balls (no matter how hard I try) and that black pudding goes really bloody well with beetroot. I was also reminded of a very drunken girls night out many moons ago in Pitlochry. But let's not talk about that.....

This. Just do this. Now. Go. YUM.

Was completely unimpressed with this recipe. But I made loads so I messed around with it and added things like fish sauce, sugar & fresh lime until it tasted better. Wouldn't make it again though

Another of Nigella's recipes that I wasn't impressed with. The fish and beans medley lacked any flavour or depth. The mozzarella, sundried tomato and balsamic salad I made on the side was pretty awesome though

Peasant's Pasta

I love the name for this. The idea is that you make some pasta and then just throw in whatever you have in the fridge. A godsend when you haven't got anything planned for dinner. I can't remember who told me that it was called peasant's pasta. Ava and I have been eating a lot of peasant's pasta recently....

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