Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Spa RF at Transform, Glasgow

'Spa RF employs radio frequency, a cutting-edge medical technology. It uses the radio frequency energy to heat the dermis, the inner layer of your skin'

'Spa RF helps smooth and contour your body anywhere you'd like to be slimmer. It can help flatten your stomach, shrink your hips and thighs, and tone your upper arms.'

A few weeks ago I got to try a taster session of Spa RF for myself at Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group in the Merchant City. Upon my arrival I was seated in a very relaxing waiting area and asked to fill in a quick form regarding relevant medical history, etc. Then I was taken through to the treatment room where the process and any possible risks (although slight) were explained to me.

I decided to try the treatment on my tummy. Because I'm a a typical woman and even if I had Jessica Alba's abs (I don't) my stomach would still not be flat enough. It was explained to me that I might not see that much of a difference on this area after only one treatment but I would rather have seen no results at all than had one thigh smoother than the other!

The treatment itself is pain free and entirely comfortable and I was completely at ease and relaxed the whole time. Afterwards my tummy felt a bit tingly and hot but I was informed that this is completely normal.

I didn't see that much of a difference although the skin on my stomach did feel a bit tighter and smoother than usual.I imagine that if you signed yourself up for the full course then you would most definitely see a difference. All the testimonials seem to imply that this is particularly effective on cellulite or wobbly upper arms. 

If you are going on holiday and want to look a bit smoother for the beach then this could most definitely be the treatment for you.

A SPA RF course starts at £600 and the minimum age for any consultation and surgical procedure is 18.

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