Monday, 23 September 2013


Do you see what they did there? 
Love olives.....


Doesn't matter.

Anyway, these little snack sized pouches of olives are pretty tasty and come in a few different flavours including lemon, chilli or balsamic and garlic.

The chilli were my favourite. But chilli is always my favourite. In everything. I also loved the fact that these guys had no stones in them. Making things a lot less messy if you were eating them on the go. In fact I would go as far as to say I OLOVED that.


I wasn't exactly nuts about the lemon if I am honest. Bit too 'lemony' for my liking. But then they did warn that on the packet, so there you go.

If you are eating healthy (Paleo diet for me this week). 
I hear you, I hear you - I'll last a week. 
Little faith people. Little faith.

(I'll last a week).

But seriously, if you are looking for some healthy snacks that you can eat on the go then I would definitely recommend these tasty little suckers. You can even pick them up in Shell petrol stations. 
Or Holland & Barrett if you are a bit more organised. 
Than me.

* Thanks to Oloves for allowing me to bring you this review by letting me scoff some for free


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