Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Fabb Event, Glasgow

A last minute ticket (courtesy of the lovely Karris) saw me hotfooting it into the Merchant City recently to check out the first ever Glasgow held Fabb Event.

It did not disappoint. 

Held in Fanelli's restaurant, we bloggers had the entire upstairs to peruse the stalls at our leisure and eat cupcakes to our heart's content. There were so many amazing companies I could have literally stayed there all day.

Among some of the awesome brands sponsoring the event were Lush, The Beauty Kitchen, Baptiste & Mallzee. And I'm not kidding when I say 'among'. There really were so many fabulous companies involved. 

And the goodie bags?
Don't even get me started. 
I have so many amazing products to try.
I'm in heaven.

But what I liked about this event was that you weren't just getting a freebie shoved in your face and sent on your way. Every company took the time to talk to you, to answer your questions and to explain to you properly what they were asking you to try. It was amazingly obvious that this was not just another PR driven opportunity to push products in bloggers faces but instead (and I quote), an event 'founded for bloggers, by bloggers'.

Awesome day dudes.

Don't leave it too long to come back.


P said...

I want to go! *stamps foot* I never get invited to these events!


Unknown said...

Sounds brilliant! Glad you had a good day :) xx