Tuesday, 17 December 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

And we are very excited.

I'm cooking this year. The whole she bang. And for the very first time. No matter how much time I usually spend in the kitchen, I'm a little nervous, let me tell you. 

Ava can't stop going on about 'santa' and 'presents'. She looks cute enough to eat running around in her little Christmas pyjamas and I can't wait to see her happy face and squeals of delight come Christmas morning.

I'm about halfway through my present shopping but almost all the way done with the food stuff. But it's once the turkey arrives that it really feels like Christmas doesn't it?

Just trying my hardest to stay away from the cheese until then. 

The radio keeps playing Christmas songs which keeps us dancing around the kitchen. And Ava's shrieks of 'Christmas treeeeeeeee' every time we go ANYWHERE are delightful.

 I cannot wait till Christmas Eve. To crack open the champagne and get my cooking phobic little sister prepping some vegetables in the kitchen.

Merry Christmas everyone! 

Hope you are all as excited as we are!

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P said...

I actually think reading your post has been the most excited I've been about Christmas so far this year... I'm just not in the Christmas spirit at all for some reason! :-/ See you Sunday!x