Monday, 16 December 2013

This week......

  • we've been singing Jingle Bells all over the flat. Every single day. She sings 'Jingle Balls' and I don't have the heart to correct her.
  • we've been getting ridiculously organised for Christmas. I mean ridiculously organised. We have every single non-perishable foodstuff you need to make a feast on Christmas day. And we're hoping this means we can just do a quick whizz around Sainsbury's to get the fruit, veg & dairy on the 23rd and miss out on all the crazy batshit Christmas food shoppers this year. We can dream.
  • we've also been trying real hard not to eat any of it. And there is some seriously good cheese and snack food in our cupboards at the moment.
  • I am still listening to this song on repeat. That's about 4 weeks of non-stop playing now. Also listening to this song a lot. Just for old times sake.
  • banging into everything and anything. And falling over. Ava, not me. She is currently sporting a serious shiner and has more bruises on her knees than a javelin thrower. I am having to shower her with even more kisses and cuddles when we are out in public than ever just in case anyone thinks that I did it.
  • we have been eating out way more than is ok. An impromptu dinner at Church on the Hill, a pre-theatre at my new local curry house, afternoon tea, a visit to the Street Food Cartel & then burgers at Burger Meats Bun. All in one week. This is where all my money goes. And why I have pairs of jeans in my wardrobe that haven't seen the light of day in quite some time.
  • I am loving the fact that little A is starting to 'get' the whole Christmas thing. Not only is she ridiculously excited about Santa but mild threats of not getting any presents if she is bad mean she has been going to bed at 7pm relatively easily of late.
  • and when she does I have been loving being all cosy in my Chrimbo PJ's and sipping a mulled wine while wrapping stocking fillers in the glow of the Christmas tree lights. Can't it stay this time of year forever?
  • I dyed my hair a much darker shade of brown than I'm used to. And subsequently got brown dye all over the tiles in the bathroom. The hair looks good. The bathroom not so much.
  • we have been working on getting Ava to sleep in her own bed. It's not going well. She goes to her own bed like a dream. But you can be pretty damn sure that she will be waking up in mine. Every single morning.
  • I had an amazing day being spoilt at the The Blythwood before being whisked off to the Theatre Royal for an afternoon matinee showing of Hansel & Gretel by the Scottish Ballet (proper blog post to follow).
  • I've also been rediscovering my love of Mac Face & Body foundation. Not quite a tinted moisturiser. Not as heavy as a foundation. Perfect for my skin and for a lovely glowy sheer coverage.
  • dealing with the TiVo going on the blink. Again. I rue the day I ever got TiVo. It's fixed now but Ava made the most of it with back to back Christmas DVD's. If you haven't seen the Santa's Grotto Peppa Pig DVD 254163 times, you haven't lived.
  • I've been planning a big Christmas dinner at Soho Miller Street on the 22nd. My favourite bar. My favourite people. And my favourite Martinis. Bring it on.

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