Friday, 24 January 2014

Radical Skincare

Radical Skincare, and it's Trylacel TM technology, is the most powerful skincare line available that is clinically proven and designed for all skin types including sensitive skin. It's the best of the best in antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients that use Trylacel TM technology to keep Radical Skincare potent and powerful to deliver results.

I've never been a fan of the whole 'cleanse, tone, moisturise' brigade. Albeit I've never been that much of a fan of taking care of my skin. But now I have hit the big 30 you will be less than surprised to hear that the onset of crows feet has caused me to take a little bit more interest in my skin these days.

You should have seen my reaction when I realised how much I wrinkle my forehead when I am thinking about something (thanks work for having a mirror right opposite where I sit). Let's just say I wrinkle that forehead of mine a lot and, oh my god, does that mean I am going to look 60 when I'm 40?

God I hope not. Ava has already aged me at least ten years.

But anyway, back to these pads. More of a toner than a cleanser, I was a bit scared. Because I've always been a bit scared of toner. It leaves my skin tight, uncomfortable and my combination face usually reacts to it by getting seriously oily.

However, I actually liked these pads. I swiped one all over my face every morning after cleansing with a foaming wash. And FYI if you think your face is clean after cleansing then think again. I won't go into detail but I was AGHAST at how much dirt, old make-up and general filth still came off onto the pad. Toner, you might be my friend now.

They didn't leave my skin tight. Which surprised me. And after a week  they still didn't make me break out either. I'm not going to lie, I don't look 11 yet, but after 7 days I doubt I would see any anti-ageing results anyway. I was originally using these for a week or so around Christmas time but an OH MY GOD EVERYTHING IS GOING HORRIBLY WRONG skin breakout meant I pretty much stopped using anything for my skin except copious amounts of gin (ingested internally of course).

I've been back using them again for a week (so about 3 in total) and I like the fact that by using them I am exfoliating daily (you can see the way the pad is bumpy in the above picture). I'm technical, huh? Regular exfoliation is extremely important to an oily skinned girl like myself as it keeps my skin clear.

And I have definitely seen a reduction in pore size. 

Which for me means SOLD. 

To the lady with the nice skin clutching a gin.

Unfortunately you can only buy Radical Skincare in Newcastle & London, however you can find the Radical Skincare Website Here and you can order online from lots of places such as Net-a-Porter & Space NK. Warning, it's not cheap but I think these guys might be worth it. I have already got my eye on the Eye Revive Creme
Cause I have a 2 year old.
Enough said.

*PR sample*

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