Friday, 30 May 2014



  • I finally got round to having coffee in Little Botanica in the Southside (despite my friend telling me how awesome it was for ages) and I can confirm that it is indeed a little gem. The coffee is great, the cakes look to die for (I was behaving) and the setting (it's also a florists) is just lovely. And also we need to talk about the fact that there's a Cheesecake Cafe right next door and that not one person thought to mention this to me.
  • We went a little tortilla mad round at Casa Young thanks to there being about 10 in a packet (single girl problems). Recipes included these Korean Fried Chicken Tacos, Brussel Sprout Tacos with Caramalised Shallot Salsa and some Baja Fish Tacos. It was quite a week for tacos.
  • I got invited along to the launch night of the brand new NY American Grill in Princes Square where my little sister accompanied me as my plus one. We were treated to some amazing cocktails, lots of prosecco and some really yummy tasters from the seriously good looking menu. If you haven't been yet, I suggest  you get yourselves down there. The night may have ended with a drink being spilled and some tights being taken off under the table. Yes, we were too hot. No, you can't take us anywhere.
  • Every single darn thing in the world keeps breaking right now to the point where I'm starting to think maybe I accidentally swallowed some magnets. It started with a defrosted freezer (although that might have been my fault). Then my CD player just mysteriously stopped working, the car had to go back into the garage and my laptop suddenly went on the blink. Then the shower broke and after that the boiler. Still smiling. My bank balance however, is not.
  • As Ava was away for the Bank Holiday Weekend, I celebrated in the best way I know how which included cocktails & tapas at Las Iguanas, a vegan lunch at Stereo Cafe Bar, pizza in Soho Miller Street, some world beers in the Republic Bier Halle and then some Bank Holiday Burgers on the Monday. Currently drinking soya milk in my coffee and googling ab exercises.
  • Not that I have watched much TV recently as I have been far too busy pretending I'm a teenager but how good is Made In Chelsea? Being cheated on seems to seriously agree with Binky as I am currently coveting everything she wears right now and the fact that Mark-Francis has never heard of Nando's has only endeared me to him even more.
  • Every so often I eat so much bread that I end up spending most days in total agony and living in baggy jumpers. When this happens I usually go wheat-free for a while in order to get it back under control. But not before we were treated to a full 3 course meal at the new Glasgow Fort Pizza Express where we stuffed ourselves with bruschetta, amazing thin crust pizzas and massive ice-cream sundaes. I may have had to undo my button on the way home. Full review coming soon. I am now off the wheat until I can get my skinny jeans on without crying.
  • I bought some new shoes cause I was having a shit day and that's what I do. Currently wearing some cracking brown brogues with all the tea dresses I own and super-excited to get to wear my new nude heels soon. Because apparently nude heels make your legs look longer and I will believe anything you tell me if it is about making my legs look longer.
  • As Ava's Dad is working lots of hours right now, I haven't had a chance to get back to the yoga. Instead I have been doing every single butt, ab and thigh exercise I can find on Pinterest. However, I am counteracting that with excessive amounts of cheese. So I'm not sure how all this is going to work out to be honest.

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