Thursday, 29 May 2014

Life In (Cyprus) Snapshots

This life in snapshots is taken from our recent trip to Cyprus. We miss Yaya & Grumpy a lot back here in the drizzly UK and getting to spend some quality time with them over in Cyprus is the highlight of our year. Sometimes it can be a bit tough not having your own Mum close by but the truth is it only makes the time spent together even more special. And no matter how much we miss them, that little girl of mine always has the best fun with her grandparents when we get there.

And don't feel sorry for me too much. Cause when I am sitting out on the balcony at midnight in nothing but shorts and a vest, watching the twinkling lights of the village, drinking prosecco and listening to London Grammar - it kind of makes up for not having that Mama of mine just around the corner all the time. 

You know? 


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Kirsty said...

Those wee phots of you and Ava... OMG.