Wednesday, 9 July 2014


  • The terrible two's are still upon us. Fully upon us. Seriously - where did she get this attitude? Ok, I probably know the answer to that. But I cannot wait for her 3rd birthday in September. Because it stops straight away after that, right? Right?
  • Listening to this song pretty much when I do anything right now. In the car, cooking dinner, making the bed. Can't stop listening. The video is pretty cool as well.
  • Speaking of music I am getting super excited for T in the Park this weekend. Being way too old and girly to camp these days, we just went for Sunday day tickets. Because Arctic Monkeys, Jake Bugg, Bastille, London Grammar & Sam Smith.... I've ordered this top which I'm planning on teaming with denim cut-offs should the sun come out and skinnies should it not. Currently praying it arrives on time.
  • I'm not really a steak girl. I mean I like it but it's not something I usually order when I am eating out. Then I went to Alston Bar & Beef and had the best damn steak of my life. A big, fat, juicy piece of rump (I usually go for fillet), my knife practically slid through the meat and it literally melted in the mouth. Can you tell I still get excited when I talk about it? Their scallop starter and amazing Gin list is pretty impressive as well. If you are looking for somewhere to go in Glasgow then this place would make an excellent date venue.
  • I had my gorgeous mate through from Edinburgh for the whole weekend and we had the best time including a proper night in on the Friday to do some serious catching up and then prosecco, massages, burgers and cocktails on the Saturday. For once I was glad that little rug rat was with her Dad all weekend and I could spend my Sunday dying in peace. Speaking of Sunday, it was spent on the sofa watching Celebrity Masterchef and eating crisps and it was glorious.
  • Speaking of Celebrity Masterchef - this is why I pay my TV license people. Addicted.
  • I finally got around to trying this beer can chicken recipe and it was everything I had hoped for and more. I was dubious about cooking a chicken without any foil on it for the first hour or so but let me tell you that this was the moistest, juiciest chicken I have ever cooked and from now on I point blank refuse to cook a chicken without sticking a beer can up it's bum first. For realz.
  • I've missed a couple of events recently because truthfully this bad blogger just wants to be at home with Ava. The bigger that girl grows and the more talkative she gets the harder I am finding it when she goes off to stay with her Dad. The other night it literally felt like someone had removed a limb. So when I do get her back the absolute last thing I feel like doing is getting a sitter and socialising. Peppa Pig books and bath crayons are most definitely where it's at these days.
  • I tried Reiki. And to be honest I found the whole thing a very weird affair. Genuinely sceptical that it wouldn't really do anything, I spent the two days after my treatment feeling very odd. Incredibly shattered yet unable to sleep and pretty emotional if I am honest. It's left me a bit bewildered yet very intrigued and I am definitely going to look into going back.
  • Finally, Ava and I had the best picnic ever recently in Queens Park with her Aunty Debs and Uncle Mark. Having had a proper, posh picnic basket in the cupboard for ages that hadn't ever been used (with crockery, napkins and a wine cooler - get us), we finally dusted it off, stocked up on wine and cheese and headed for the park. The sun shone all day, our wine stayed cold and we situated ourselves right next to a play park which kept the wee one (and us) happy. Perfect day.
  • Also - is the football over yet?

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