Tuesday, 22 July 2014

More on Radical Skincare

My little sister has a bit of a shopping addiction. She loves buying new clothes and does so all the time. I love it as it means that every so often I receive a bin bag full of stuff she no longer has wardrobe space for. I have a friend who spends all her wages on products and make-up. She follows beauty blogs religiously and her bathroom shelves are adorned with the latest revolutionary anti-wrinkle cream or the newest make-up range that's just hit the UK.

Me? Well I think we all know I'm mostly about the food and would rather spend a small fortune on a piece of posh cheese with truffle through it or half a weeks wages on a bottle of expensive olive oil than on a moisturiser. So while I admit to a bit of a penchant for Mac make-up and the odd bottle of Clarins, I get much more of a kick from doing a shop in Whole Foods than I do in Debenhams.

But I've mentioned before that I'm starting to become much more aware of my skin now that I'm getting older. I'm noticing those crows feet more and more. Seriously - those crows feet? Where did they come from? It's enough to make a girl stop smiling. I seriously think Vicky Beckham might be onto something here. So when I was sent a couple of products from the Radical Skincare collection to review I got pretty excited. Because anything that stops the onset of ageing excites me now. A few years ago I would have just given the stuff to my mum. Now the thought of keeping those wrinkles at bay for just a little while longer is the only thing stopping me from getting myself down to one of the rather well known cosmetic surgeons in Chinatown. I mean I actually want to kiss people when they ID me now. And then spend the next ten minutes holding up the queue while I bashfully enquire if they really meant it or if they were "just being nice?".

Anyway the products I tried were from the Radical Glow range and aimed at combating dark spots, UV spots and age spots. I received a Multi Brightening Serum which was to be applied day and night and a Skin Perfecting Screen SPF 30 to be applied before any sun exposure.

The serum was great. I usually avoid serums as I find them a bit sticky but after leaving a suitable amount of time before applying my make-up (the time it takes me to dry my hair usually), this had sunk into my skin perfectly and my foundation went on like a dream. My skin didn't break out either which is another bugbear of mine with using serums. I liked the fact that the product was nice and light and didn't have a heavy scent either. The super classy white packaging of these products looks lovely on your windowsill too. God I'm girly. And Ava is going the same way. I don't think we have a tomboy on our hands here people. She actually holds her hands up when she falls. Just in case she gets dirt on them. 

Proud Mama.

The Skin Perfecting Screen I have used a few times and don't dislike. It has a lovely consistency and smells amazing although it did give my skin a sort of powdery finish after it had been rubbed in. I imagine this might be down to the diamond powder in it. Which is said to visibly reduce wrinkles. Which is fair enough. As us girls already know - you can't have it all. The instructions say to 'apply after your moisturiser' but I would be lying if I said that my skin didn't feel a little tight after application. To the point where I almost put more moisturiser on. It is slightly tinted which gives your face a nice glow in the sun. And I spent all day in the park with this on with my (apparently worried about wrinkles) face aimed straight at the sun for the better part of the day and I didn't burn. So it definitely does what it says on the tin. In fact as a sunscreen I would say this is rather good. There was just something about the powdery effect of the cream after application that I didn't love. However that could just be a niggle of mine.

Overall I really like these products. I use their exfoliation pads regularly nowadays and I would definitely consider re-buying the serum. The sunscreen I am going to donate to said Mum. With her older skin (sorry Mum) and the fact she lives in Cyprus I will be really interested to see how she gets on with this product.

In fact it's her birthday in September and I have only used the sunscreen two or three times.

I won't say anything if you don't?

Unfortunately you can only buy Radical Skincare in Newcastle & London, however you can find the Radical Skincare Website Here and you can order online from lots of places such as Net-a-Porter & Space NK.

Products were received free for the purposes of a review. You can read more about my Disclosure Policy here.

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