Wednesday, 30 July 2014

What's In My Fridge #1

Always one to keep my promises, I bring you the first edition of 'What's In My Fridge'. Where I basically talk about food. Because I never do that. Difference is some other foodie bloggers will also be telling you what's in their fridges over the coming weeks. And answering all my foodie questions.

I decided to do the first one myself though. And everything below is stuff you can be pretty sure is a regular staple in my refrigerator. I have posed the questions, then answered them myself. Which is a little weird. But you can at least look forward to hearing the food loves and hates of PaulaLaurenMichelleAshleigh & Mairi soon as well.

Fridge Staples?
  • Hoummous. There is never not hoummous in my fridge.
  • Avocados. I am addicted to this fruit. About the only fruit I actually eat and I love snacking on mashed avocado on rice cakes .
  • Ham. Usually cheap disgusting Dinosaur Ham thanks to a very small person who also abides here.
  • I always have either cream cheese, crème fraiche or Greek yogurt in my fridge for cooking with.
  • Wine. Obviously.
  • Butter. Always full fat. Always in a butter dish. And always salted. I love my butter.
  • My kiddo loves a bacon croissant so there is always some in my fridge.
  • Smoked salmon. Which makes a great healthy brunch with some scrambled eggs. And a drizzle of truffle oil if I am feeling decadent.
  • I always have cheese. Always. Right now I have some stilton, halloumi (my fave), feta, cheddar, manchego and parmesan.
  • Dark chocolate. I love a couple of squares of dark chocolate after dinner. The higher the cocoa percentage the better. That Lindt 95% stuff blows my mind.
  • Thanks to Ava I always have Dairylee Dunkers and Munch Bunch yogurts in the fridge. We will just blame Ava.
  • If I am cooking for someone I like to have some olives or something to nibble on while we are waiting on dinner. So there are usually some Nocellera olives or some anchovies or something kicking about.
  • Fresh orange juice. The good stuff and always with bits.
  • I always have bottled water in the fridge as I cannot stand tap water. Despite everyone calling me a princess for it.
  • Finally my sneaky hangover cure - cartons of Oralyte. Usually reserved for having a dodgy tummy, these little beauts are fab at fixing a hangover thanks to being full of electrolytes which will rehydrate that poor liver of yours.

What's your signature dish?

I cook so much that I don't really have one. I like to try and cook lots of different cuisines all the time. However I would probably say I cook Asian food the most. Thai noodle soups, sticky chicken and ramen. I am most scared of cooking steaks. I always think I am going to get the timing wrong.

What do you cook when you really can't be bothered?

Usually a risotto. Because I always have Arborio rice, crème fraiche, garlic, wine, stock and can throw in whatever meat or veg I have lying about the fridge. If I really can't be bothered then it's usually a take-away. If Ava is staying up then Chinese as it's her fave. But I also love a good curry or a Papa John's pizza.

Food heaven & food hell?

My food heaven is definitely seafood. I adore the stuff. My last meal would have to be a Fruit De Mer platter garnished with a massive lobster on the top. Some home-made garlic aioli, some really good butter with crystallised sea salt flakes through it and a crusty French baguette. And a bottle of cold champagne. I would go out in style. Foods I hate (there aren't many) include turnip, peppers and offal.

Favourite supermarket?

I genuinely shop in every single supermarket out there. Supermarkets are one of my favourite places to be so I am happy to be there a lot. I like Tesco for basics, Asda is great for getting decent wine at a cheap price, Morrison's have a fab fish counter and LIDL are brill for cheap fruit and veg.

Favourite food treat?

I'm a bit of a salt addict. As I try to put very little of it on my food or in my cooking, when I get a taste of it I just can't stop eating. So I could quite easily polish off an entire family sized bag of salted popcorn or salted pistachios or almonds. And I love some expensive chocolate with sea salt through it. If I really need cheering up then a pint of Ben & Jerry's or Haagen Daz usually does the trick.

Disclaimer: any similarities to this blog series and another popular fridge based magazine series are strictly coincidental.

Comprende? ;)

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your fridge looks so much nicer compared to mine haha it needs a good clean out!