Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A Good Thing Happening

One of the biggest annoyances in my life is my body's inability to handle large amounts of bread. Eat it every so often and I am usually fine but eat it regularly then I am left bloated and in agony. But then maybe sometimes I think that it might be a good thing. Maybe it's the universes way of saving my arteries. However if I could eat bread every day I wouldn't take advantage to start every morning with buttery toast. Nor would I indulge in a sandwich every lunchtime. Nah. I would eat burgers every night. With skinny fries. Or maybe sweet potato chips. And a side of coleslaw. Extra pickle. Lots of burger sauce.....

I'm getting a bit carried away aren't I?

Back to the blog post.

Being such a burger fan I have obviously eaten them extensively all over the UK. Purely for research purposes of course. So when I found out the Edinburgh chain BURGER had opened a new branch on Shandwick Place, I saw a perfect opportunity for a road trip. And an excuse to see the ever gorgeous Miss Smidge obviously.

So armed with an empty belly and a teeny bit of a hangover (thank you Church on the Hill with your £13 bottles of Chenin Blanc), I headed through to the capital one Saturday for some cocktail drinking and some burger eating. 

Here's the set up. It's like a cross between a restaurant and a fast food joint in the sense that you choose your own table and you order and pay at the counter. Here's the difference. You can get a beer and there's a small wait for the food (about ten minutes maximum). So you sit back down (with your beer) and you wait on the little buzzy gadget thing (technical term) they give you lighting up so you can go get your food. 

We went for double cheeseburgers, regular fries, chilli cheese fries, a wasabi mayo and coleslaw. 

Presentation wise they came exactly as you would imagine. On a tray, wrapped in paper and nice and hot. The burger itself was good. Cooked well (I prefer it pink but it's not the kind of place you can order it rare), well seasoned, lots of pickle, lots of sauce. 

Given that I reckon I have had the chips out of almost every single eating establishment in Glasgow, I can be picky when it comes to one of my favourite foods. However these were awesome. But forget about those fries. Let's talk about the chilli cheese fries. Because from now on if my chips don't come smothered in spicy beef chilli and oozing with melted cheese then they will be getting thrown back at you.

All I will say is that these won. 

The day.

The coleslaw was great, made with fresh ingredients with nothing bought in about it and the wasabi mayo was the perfect thing to dunk those tasty fries in. 

All in all this was a good meal.

I'm not entirely sure I loved the set up. I prefer to sit down and be brought wine. Much like how I behave at home. As the prices are a bit higher than the fast food places I would have preferred it. However I understand what these guys are doing and I can see how it is working. You are paying slightly higher than a fast food place because the food is fresher and of a better standard. The fact that there is a slight wait and it doesn't just get thrown at you is testament to that. And the food is better.

Would I stick on my skinny jeans and heels and go here with the girls for a drink and a catch up? No. Would this be the perfect destination to have a mid-shopping beer and burger before you get back onto hitting the shops? Totally. Would this also be a great place to grab a quick dinner with the kids when you couldn't be bothered cooking but didn't want to spend a fortune? Definitely.

Point is - this is fast, affordable and home made food that also tastes good.

Try it.

Our meal was received complimentary in exchange for a review.. You can see more about my disclosure policy here.

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