Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Philosophy at The Fort

You've all heard of a push present right? A present that the guy gives the girl after she's went through the unbelievable and immeasurable pain that is childbirth. When he's so in awe of her awesome capabilities and physical and mental strength that he will basically do anything just to make it up to her? And obviously not wanting to miss a  trick we ensure we get a fabulous present at the end of it to make it all worthwhile. 

Obviously there is the baby to do that as well.


Among the gorgeous guilt gifts I got from Ava's dad were a couple of Philosophy products. These were products I had never used before and let me tell you that the Microdelivery Exfoliating Facial Wash was pretty much a game changer for moi. As a bit of an oily skinned girl, this was amazing at keeping my skin soft and crystal clear and I have been using it nightly ever since.

So when I got an invite to go along to a wee event Philosophy were holding at their skincare counter in The Glasgow Fort branch of Boots I was pretty intrigued. The reason was their new Miracle Worker Overnight Treatment cream.

So while the lovely Philosophy team lavished us with fizz and sweeties (obviously the way directly to my heart), they explained all about this new product and the company behind it.

Did you know that Philosophy has been going for almost twenty years? Me neither.

During our chat we were able to feel the amazing products first hand on our skin, were given tips on how to use Philosophy products and went away with an exclusive travel collection to try out for ourselves. 

I love Philosophy products. Not just because they use doctors and scientists to help them formulate the very best remedies for your skin but also because of the uplifting and inspirational little messages that are printed on all the different products.

And you just have to look at my Instagram to know what a sucker I am for an inspirational quote.

You can check out the Philosophy website here for more information or even just head into one of the larger branches of  Boots if you would rather have a chat with one of the skincare team directly. 

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