Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Glasgow Wedding Collective

 So stop the bus and hold on a minute. I went to a wedding event. I went to the Glasgow Wedding Collective wedding event and liked it. Actually no, I went to the GWC wedding event and totally loved it. 

Maybe I am that kind of girl after all...

It could have been the amazing desserts by the likes of Big Bear Bakery, the frankly breathtaking vintage  wedding dresses or possibly the delicious catering from the likes of the Three Sisters Bake but the girl who has never taken the slightest notice of anything weddingy found herself with a new found interest.

What I like about the Glasgow Wedding Collective is the uniqueness of what they do. The trends they showcase are individual and different. Think victory rolls in your hair, china tea sets at the wedding breakfast and a 1959 Minx convertable to get you to the church. In a world where all weddings kind of feel the same (to me anyway), these guys are just different.

The next GWC wedding fair will be held at The Lighthouse in Glasgow on September 28th and costs nothing to get in. Definitely worth a browse if you are getting married soon. Or even just in the area.

And if these guys have even convinced me that I might actually want to get married one day then they must be doing something right....

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