Monday, 8 September 2014

NibNibs & a Giveaway

There are lots of things I love about Ava. I love it when she is fresh out of the bath in the evenings. Running around all cute in her PJ's with her wet hair and slippers on. I love it when she wakes up first thing in the morning. Her little body curves into a stretch and then she opens her cheeky little eyes and informs me (still half asleep) what her breakfast cereal of choice is for that day. I love it when I pick her up from nursery and she runs straight to me without a moments hesitation, as if I am the best thing that's happened to her all day. Which I'm sure I'm not. Her nursery has pancakes and a princess dress up box. 

But at the risk of sounding selfish - I also love it when she whispers these three amazing little words at the end of a long day: 

'night night Mummy'. 

Because as much as I love that kid, there is something unbelievable decadent and delicious about getting to the end of a day filled with swing parks and soft plays and knowing I have the next few hours to myself before I take my own self to bed. And although I do TRY not to snack, some evenings I like nothing more than taking an hour out to chill before I cook dinner. Pouring a glass of red, tipping something salty into a bowl and just sparking out in front of the telly for an hour before I go into the kitchen.

So I was like "OH ALRIGHT OKAAAY THEN" (big hard done by sigh), when Nibnibs offered to send me some of their products to try. Because we all love a cheese straw don't we? I tested out 3 different types of cheese straw (cheddar, cheddar & chilli and cheddar & onion) and some roasted salt and pepper jumbo peanuts. While the peanuts were pretty moreish, the cheese straws were oh my god I can't stop eating these I am going to have to put them in Ava's treat cupboard to stop myself kind of moreish. The chilli ones being my favourite. Because chilli is always my favourite.

FYI nothing in Ava's cupboard is safe from me. I am constantly refilling her sweetie jar so she doesn't know I've been at the Kinder chocolate and Jelly Tots.

Given my love of cooking for just about anyone willing to eat it, I adore a good pre-meal nibble. One of my group Sunday roasts or even just a casual mid-week risotto at mine pretty much always consists of some form of snackage on the coffee table when you arrive. And these little beauts are perfect for that. In fact those cheese straws dipped in garlic and herb dip might just push me over the edge.

If you like a bit of snacking as much as me then you can check these guys out properly over on Facebook and Twitter. Or even better you can enter the following competition to win some Nibnibs goodies to try out for yourself....

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