Monday, 3 November 2014


  • We have been loving the colder weather and all the yummy food that goes with it. Soups to date include a massive pot of lentil that seemed to go on forever, pea & pesto that tasted out of this world with a swirl of creme fraiche through it and my very first attempt at leek & potato. I roasted a chicken for the latter then used the bones to make the stock. Then I couldn't resist shredding some of the leftover chicken through the finished soup. So. Damn. Good.
  • I've been feeling pretty lucky to have been able to go on so many fun trips over the past couple of months. A trip down to Blackpool with my two favourite girls in the world (Mum & Ava), two seriously exciting trips down to London and a night at Loch Fyne for my birthday. Let me tell you this - there is nothing that warms this girls heart more than massive tickling sessions in hotel bedrooms with my Mum and that little girl of mine. Best fun ever.
  • As a result of these trips I have been eating some of the best food of my life of late. Including braised ox cheek and some amazing tasting duck at the highest restaurant in the UK, oysters and langoustines at the Loch Fyne Oyster Bar and the best Lancashire Hotpot I ever put in my mouth in Blackpool. And FYI potted shrimps might be the best thing that ever happened to me. How did I miss these?
  • No matter how loyal I am to my Lush baths, they are just not the same in the summer. So now that the dark nights are here to stay I have been lighting all the candles and going for as many Lush baths as I can. I have also been enjoying the best baths with that little terror of mine. PJ days and afternoon baths spent drawing on the tiles with bath crayons and blowing bubbles on each others faces might be my new favourite thing.
  • Getting window seats. Everywhere. Planes. Trains. I just keep getting put next to that window. Love it.
  • Trying to remember how to be a part of a couple again. You get so wrapped up in the mushy stuff at the beginning (and so used to months of watching whatever you want on the telly) that you kind of forget that getting yourself back into a serious relationship can be tough as well as amazing. You guys know what I mean right? As much fun as honeymoon periods are, when you have been single for rather a while, it can come as a bit of a shock to the old system. But I would be lying if I said I wasn't loving this new little situation of mine right now and feeling more than a little loved up. Gag.
  • I've been getting into exercise for the first time since I had Ava. For a few weeks now I have been getting some personal training sessions and hitting that gym as well as going for the odd run. It's made me realise that while I am never going to be the kinda gal who actually enjoys exercise, if I'm going to be the kinda girl who loves her grub as much as I do, then it's kind of a necessary evil. And seeing the peals of laughter on about 3 guys faces when I announced (in complete shock) at work the other day that I thought I might be getting muscles was pretty funny.
  • Earl Grey. Usually around 3pm. One big massive steaming mug with lots of milk. I am a creature of habit. And not nearly as exciting a one as I would like to have you believe.
  • Getting to grips with some big changes over in our little household. Like a mama that will soon be working 35 hours a week (while still trying to cram in blogging and those odd writing jobs that I want so much more of) and a 3 year old who starts back at nursery 5 days a week starting from this morning. It's a huge change to the two weekly work days/two weekly nursery days little life Ava and I have built up over the last three years. And I guess I am a little nervous for the both of us. But I just know that we will be fine.
  • Looking forward to going to see Hozier and Kasabian soon. For moi going to gigs is a bit like baking - something I always say I will do yet never quite get around to. Thankfully someone else seems to have a complete concert ticket buying habit which is making me pretty happy.
  • Onesies. It's time now isn't it? You know it makes sense.

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