Monday, 15 December 2014

Shaving my legs and why I'm never getting my deposit back.

I am not a particularly high maintenance kind of girl in terms of my looks. I can't be bothered applying lashings of thick make-up or false eyelashes. I haven't had my hair cut in 6 months due to a combination of being 'too busy' and 'forgetting'. So hair extensions are as low down as something could get on my list of priorities. I wear high heels if I am putting on a nice dress, otherwise you will almost always find me in flats. I like to paint my nails at night in front of Eastenders, but resent the money I would have to shell out for regular manicures. And it's for this reason I find the girly upkeep we are required to do such a pain in the ass. It annoys me that I have to constantly pluck my eyebrows and so I keep tweezers in the car and do it at traffic lights. Sexy huh? And yeah, I will probably be the one you were beeping at yesterday. But FYI the light is amazing when you do it in the car, so there's a top tip for you. I find shaving my legs a pain but I do it every time I shower because I am a slave to society and a vain type of feminist. 

But I will always take short cuts as much as I can because I find wasting hours grooming myself rather annoying and wasteful. And I am always looking for ways to save time. Because have I mentioned how crazy it is juggling a full time job, a three year old and a few regular freelance writing gigs I have gratefully picked up this year? Probably just a couple of times. YAWN.

So let us talk about laser hair removal treatment. Apart from those Kardashian girls praising the wonders of this treatment at every available opportunity, I had never really heard much about it. Although the idea of not having to shave under my arms for long periods of time definitely entices me. Because you know, busy, working mother, juggling.... AM I BORING YOU YET?

My leg shaving exploits are usually trying to hurriedly not cut myself because I am too busy shouting through the open bathroom doorway to Ava that I know she is grinding play dough into her bedroom carpet and that she is in seriously big trouble when I get out of this shower. So I was actually pleasantly surprised to see that the treatments are not as expensive as I would have thought. Plus it's safe, painless and depending on the area you want hair free, can take less than an hour to do.

And the real plus point? No more hiding in the corner of the sauna at my local leisure centre when I turn up for a swim and gym and realise that I forgot to shave my legs. 


Also does anyone know how to get play dough out of a carpet?

Thanks to Skn Clinics for collaborating with Dawniepopsies on this post.

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