Wednesday, 10 December 2014


  • We've been snuggling down under the cosiest new winter duvet at night. I swear that damn thing weighs more than Ava. And I'm surprised those little arms are able to lift it up high enough to get herself under when she does her traditional crawl in beside her Mama at 3am every night.
  • Someone has been going to nursery in the mornings dressed in full on Princess gear. We're talking ball gown, tiara, wand, the lot. And someone is too tired to argue.
  • Still thinking about the beef carpaccio I ate at Jamie's in Covent Garden back in the Autumn. That carpaccio is worth a trip back to London alone.
  • We've been getting seriously excited for Christmas by decorating this little place of ours with twinkling lights and Christmas candles. And we've been reading The Night Before Christmas before bed religiously every night.
  • This little household also got hit with the stomach bug from hell. Last weekend was spent taking turns to spend the evening throwing up. Ava took the Friday. I took the Saturday. And thank goodness that's over.
  • I am drinking all the lattes and can't seem to stop. I swear I am addicted to coffee now. Like a full blown - can't go a day without it- type addiction. I've been making my own lattes by using my food processor instead of a milk frother. Kinda out there. Kinda works.
  • Speaking of coffee I have been on a one woman quest to find the best flat white in the south side. Absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I just like being all cosy in warm little deli's with the latest copy of Red and someone else to bring me breakfast.
  • I remembered that Wagamama's is the perfect hangover cure. Just keep bringing me that Chilli Chicken Ramen. With extra chilli flakes. And chilli oil.
  • I've been reading The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath and  I can't believe I left it this long. The way she tells a story is so relatable. And funny. Gutted there isn't more of her work to get my teeth into when I finish.
  • Stocking up on all the little extra Christmas things I need every time I visit the supermarket (seen as it's still a little early to get the perishable stuff). I now have a cupboard dedicated to Christmas chutney, mulled wine mix and Christmas tree shaped Cheeselets.
  • I made Jamie Oliver's griddle pan waffles the other morning (lotta love for Jamie in today's post) and they rocked my world. I served mine with extra crispy bacon, poached eggs and a drizzle of maple syrup. Who needs a waffle iron? P.S. - If you're reading this Santa - then me.

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