Wednesday, 12 August 2015


  • Our park adventures are pretty much limited to Rouken Glen right now. We so need to expand our park horizons but we just love that place so much. Amazing swing park, bouncy castle at the weekends, gorgeous little coffee shop, duck feeding, waterfalls - we can easily lose a whole Saturday in that place. If the rain would stay off.
  • Innis & Gunn is my favourite treat after a Saturday spent exploring with my little one. From gymnastics in the morning to adventures in the afternoon, when we eventually get home I love nothing more than getting into my PJ's and cracking open a beer after a long hard day of museums and ice-cream shops. Tough life ;-)
  • I don't venture to the East End very much but as the little sister lives there, I feel it's my sisterly duty to head in the direction of East every now & again. And I love Tibo for the coffee. And Celino's for that amazing chicken liver pate...
  • We took a trip out to New Lanark again because we managed to score free entry for a year. Being our usual unorganised selves we didn't actually get there until about an hour before closing which meant a very hurried scuttle around before we got kicked out. Obviously we still found time for cappuccinos & scones in the coffee shop. Obviously.

  • Anyone else ever get a craving and just have to have it? This happens to me with fish & chips. I never eat the stuff but about twice a year I get this insane urge for the greasy good stuff that just won't go away. I eventually have to give in. And so last Friday (after two weeks or trying to ignore the food devil on my shoulder), we got a chippy on our way home from the park. Good at the time but always makes me want to shower afterwards. Dirty food at it's best.
  • On the healthier end of the scale the number of omelettes I am making right now is crazy. They are so easy and quick after a night of working late and I am getting more and more adventurous in my egg antics. If there was a MasterChef for omelette making then I would most definitely be taking that.
  • I cannot talk to you enough about our pancake Sundays. It is as much a tradition to make Sunday morning pancakes now as it is to get a scoop of our favourite gelato in Giffnock on a Saturday afternoon. It's a real wonder I don't have a diabetic three year old. No, really.
  • The girl who never ate fruit then spent the summer indulging in fresh juicy strawberries and ice cold grapes from the fridge has gone back to her non fruit eating ways again. I think it's the lame weather making me only want to eat soup. 

  • What is it about feeding ducks that those babies love so much? Another perfect Saturday ritual. These Lately posts are really just dedicated to our Saturday's aren't they?
  • That rose up there is currently residing on my fireplace and every time I look at it it makes me smile. It's in that perfect full bloom mode and the reflection of itself from the mirror only makes it more lovely.
  • We discovered that Glasgow has it's very own version of Love Lock Bridge. Albeit it's a little sparse right now - there's only about 12 padlocks so far - but we can't wait to watch it grow.
  • I found this gorgeous little Joules sailor dress for Ava whilst perusing the gift shop at Portavadie Marina. She looks so damn cute in it. Even if it does come home from nursery covered in play dough and spaghetti sauce.

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