Monday, 10 August 2015

Mañana, Mañana

Sometimes I'm not sure if I am a procrastinator or a get up and do it kinda gal.

On the one hand my 'to do' list never stays particularly long. Or it stays the same length but only because I keep ticking stuff off but then adding stuff on at the bottom. Anyone else have a 'to do' list like that? Currently needing actioned:

Sort out the curtains in the living-room
Pin up the ever growing pile of Ava's 'art' in the kitchen 
Buy Ava a bigger bed - she wants bunk beds
Buy a steamer to clean the tiles with
Write up the pile of items I am supposed to be reviewing for the blog
Use up that paella spice mix and those sushi nori wraps in the kitchen cupboards
Drop massive bag of old clothes at charity shop

The list goes on...

And in many ways I am really good at getting stuff done. The flat is always tidy. I do my ironing once a week. My nails are always painted, legs always shaved and sheets always clean. 

But in other ways I can be a nightmare at putting things off or 'starting them tomorrow'. Like my healthy eating detoxes that never last more than 3 days. Or my great intentions to exercise 6 days a week. Or my promise to spend less time on my iPhone and social media. My promise to myself to only drink wine when it's a social occasion. Note to self: Eastenders and a baked potato is not a social occasion. Whether it's booking that wax appointment or giving blood, on these occasions I am the world's worst at putting things off until tomorrow.

Mañana, Mañana....

So it's Monday again. I have started my day with a hot water with lemon and ginger. And started my week with a healthy eating star chart. Yes, a star chart. I have stolen Ava's star chart in order to count down the days on my 50 days until Marbella detox.  And a tenner says I will be back on the beers and burgers by Saturday. With Sunday bringing promises of a brand new, super healthy, non-wine guzzling, blood donating, yoga bodied Dawn with a perfect bikini line.

Starting tomorrow.

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