Tuesday, 4 August 2015


  1. Smoked French 75: My new favourite cocktail. I was introduced to these last Friday on a girls night out to celebrate my little sister's 30th birthday. I don't know exactly what's in them - only that they contain champagne and gin. But my loyalty to the Dirty Martini has taken a back seat for a while.
  2. Ava's funnies. Ava recently got invited to her friend's birthday party at a nearby Country Club. But Ava can't say Country Club. And so instead so she says Crunchy Club. And it's quite possibly the cutest thing I ever heard. I swear it never gets old.
  3. Summer. Or the lack of it. Despite this being the worst summer I think Scotland has ever had we have battled on and attempted a couple of picnics. More recently in the nearby Rouken Glen. Where all Ava ate was crisps, we sat on an old curtain because we couldn't find the picnic blanket and then we got rained on. But you've gotta try haven't you?
  4. Red magazine. My favourite monthly glossy. With a really good flat white. And some peace and quiet. The best kind of once a month when Ava is at nursery escapism.
  5. Coffee. I may have joked before but I think it's an actual addiction now. The other day I took a ten minute detour so I could go to a Costa drive thru and it's about this time every day (11.40am) that I start to get twitchy for my second cup.
  6. Wednesdays. You might call it hump day but Wednesday's are by far my favourite day of the week. Because this is the day I get my girl back from her Dad's. I look forward to seeing her from the moment I open my eyes and we make the most of our reunion with dance class and maybe a cheeky Happy Meal for dinner. I usually pick up a couple of cheap little presents like bubbles or bath crayons and leave them on her bed as a little surprise for when she gets home. Wednesdays for the win.
  7. Seeds. In soup, on yogurt, on salads. Basically I have been sprinkling seeds on everything. I love mixed spiced seeds on a good avocado and chicken salad and you can't beat roasting a few pumpkin seeds and adding them to homemade soup for some texture. Currently seed obsessed.
  8. Family. Some much needed family time has been spent recently. From a girls night in with my big sister, niece and Ava where we roasted a chicken and drank prosecco (not Ava), to coffee dates and catch ups with my younger sis, these meet ups make me happy.
  9. Low carbing. A couple of attempts at the Paleo diet have left with me a slightly new way of looking at food. While I could never keep the diet up all the time (too restrictive), I have found myself opting for things like cauliflower rice and courgetti over their starchier alternatives at week day dinner time. And feeling so much better for it. Fear not - I still stuff my face with pizza and french baguette come the weekend.
  10. Positive thinking. Never get into a conversation with me about positive thinking, the theories from The Secret or cosmic ordering. Because I can seriously go on. But recently I have been trying to get my positive head in place much more often and am already seeing the results...


Jess | The Indigo Hours said...

Positive thinking makes such a difference to the way things work out! Your Wednesdays sound lovely too :)

Jess xo

Unknown said...

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