Tuesday, 25 August 2015


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I first dabbled with the idea of cosmic ordering in the summer of 2013. It wasn't that I had a huge list of things I so desperately wanted, more that I was having a rubbish time and having to make some very difficult life decisions. I liked the idea that you could change the path of your life through positive thinking. I bought this book from Amazon and would be lying if I said that I really read it. But I skimmed it and tried to take in some of it's philosophies. I didn't for a second believe that you could get anything you wanted simply by making a wish and sending it out into the cosmos. However I loved the idea that by letting go of negativity and training your mind to think positively that you would be inviting better opportunities into your life. 

Over the past two years I've discovered a spiritual side to myself that I didn't know I had. I dip in and out of meditation. I'm amazed at how much it helps my overall mental well being and sets me up for the day. I switch my phone off, close the curtains and sit in my bedroom for a while. I close my eyes and sometimes when I open them again 30 minutes have passed. Other times only 10. I don't put pressure on myself to do it every day for a certain amount of time. Sometimes my mind wants to be calm. Other times it goes at a million miles an hour and won't be silenced. I just go with the flow.

I have wished for a few things now that have come true. Many would argue that this is down to luck, determination or simply the fact that I am opening my mind to new opportunities. I would agree. But to me that is what cosmic ordering is. My wishes are all things that could actually happen. A couple you would never think would have been possible and have happened though. There is no point wishing for something your head knows isn't possible. If you wish for a purple unicorn it will never come true simply because deep down you know such a thing doesn't exist. But you can wish for things you could never really truly believe would happen and as long as they are possible, the universe will find a way to make them happen. I don't put any stress over time limits on these wishes. I also never stress about how these things will happen. I put my trust in the universe to make them happen. And usually it is in the most unexpected of ways. 

 I have wished for something and then let it go, only for it to arrive a year or two down the line. I have always considered myself a very lucky person. It's only now that I see I have actually been practising cosmic ordering for a lot longer than I ever realised. And I think that people have been practising these ideas for a long time. The bible itself tells you to seek and you shall find doesn't it?

That's the bat shit crazy bit over with.

Actually, no it's not...

Occasionally I will be doing something boring and mundane. Typing at work or watching the telly at home, and I will be struck all of a sudden by this weird giddy feeling of euphoria. The feeling comes from nowhere and lasts only a minute or two. It's honestly hard to explain exactly what that feeling is. It's an excitement. A giddy anticipation that something really amazing is just around the corner. It passes as quickly as it turns up but the high when it happens is amazing.

Put simply, I believe that everything in the world is made up of energy. Einstein said "energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another". So I believe that by turning your energy from negative to positive, your life will start to change. 

The thing about being 'spiritual' is that this idea of hippie like vegans who go to yoga retreats and only eat hummus is dying. I am still my usual sardonic, wise-cracking, smart-ass self. I still moan about the housework, drive when I should walk and spend too much money on shampoo. Going for cocktails, crying over blokes and getting my nails done are still things I do in my life regularly. But there's a deep seated and fundamental part of me that believes and relies constantly on my spirituality, my connection to the universe and the power of positive thinking.

I genuinely believe that if you want to make something happen you can make it happen. Anything your heart desires. So long as you let go of your anxieties, let go of worrying about how it will happen and believe in yourself. If you do all this I believe the universe will most definitely deliver.

Hands up who thinks I'm nuts?


Unknown said...

Nope, my hands are well and truly down and fixed to my lap - I completely agree with you. I've never thought of it as cosmic ordering, but I'm a great believer in seeking the positive in everything and that as a result positive things will come your way.

Some people may think it's crazy, but there's no harm at all in wishing, dreaming and waiting for those hopes to come true!

Penny xx
A Penny For Them

Kirsty said...

Just having a wee catch up read pal and I love this post! I've been trying to live positively since January and I see such a difference around me and in myself, it's mad sometimes. I remember you told me about cosmic ordering a while ago but I didn't really get it I don't think. Now I totally do and I love where it's taking me at the mo.

Great wee post!! Catchup soon for yoga xxx