Thursday, 27 August 2015


  1. TGI's Bucket of Bones.  I accompanied Michelle to try out some of the new menu at TGI Friday's recently and their Jack Daniels Bucket of Bones is basically my new favourite thing. With pork ribs and chicken wings tossed in Jack Daniels glaze, sesame seeds & chilli, it's meant as a starter for 2-3 people but I already have big plans on going back and ordering this all to myself as a main. With a portion of fries on the side for mopping up all that extra sweet & sticky Jack Daniels sauce. YUM.
  2. Luther. I was completely glued to the television during all three series of Luther and I recently started watching the box set again from scratch. I think it might be even better the second time round. But then again that might just be Idris ;)
  3. Roses. These seem to be my flower of choice at the moment. I have some amazing white roses taking up residence in the living-room and some blood red ones greet you in the hall. And LIDL currently do a bunch with the most sunset like & intense burnt orange colour I have ever seen!
  4. Pancake Sundays. In our house Sundays mean pancakes and I am perfecting my pancake making skills like a pro. Ava is a creature of habit though and never deviates from her winning combination of crispy bacon, nutella and sprinkles!
  5. Skn Products. I can go from having nice, clear and dewy looking skin to oily break-outs in the space of only a few days. Luckily the nice people at Skn Clinics were kind enough to send me some of their products to try and during a recent hormone related break-out I found their intense spot lotion and hydrator brilliant at keeping things under control. 
  6. Hot water. I've been super strict with myself recently and have been starting every single morning off with a hot water and lemon. I have one as soon as I get up before my morning coffee. I think it's a great cleanser for the digestive system and I've even started added a splash of apple cider vinegar because apparently it helps you get a flatter stomach. I will believe anything you tell me when it comes to getting a flatter stomach.
  7. Chocolate Pretzels. These are not helping with the flatter stomach. I was addicted to these during my time in the states but they have always been pretty hard to source over here. Not anymore though and I can't leave them alone. I think it's the combination of savoury, salty pretzel mixed with the sweet, sugary milk chocolate. Someone take these away from me please.
  8. St Ives Facial Scrub. My sister has been heralding the amazingness of this facial scrub for some time now but I had never tried it. However I picked some up the other day and oh my god I totally get it. I love how course and grainy it is compared to other milder scrubs that don't really feel like they are doing anything. I'm going to bed with super fresh, squeaky clean skin now and I really feel like it is making a difference when it comes to getting all those last traces of the days make-up and grime off.
  9. The Libertines. Are you ever suddenly reminded of a favourite album only to go and dig it out of your CD collection and find that it's missing? I have no idea how long Up The Bracket has been gone but I knew instantly I had to repurchase it immediately. And I've been playing it on a loop ever since.
  10. Teeth Brushing. The slightly OCD mama in me has always brushed Ava's teeth for her. But she's 4 soon and I figured it was high time she started doing it herself. I try to encourage her to do it along with me so that I know she is getting all those teeny gnashers scrubbed properly. Watching her leaning over the sink alongside me, standing on the little pedal bin to reach up and copying my every move is simply the cutest.

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