Monday, 21 September 2015


  • Dates dipped in cashew butter might be my favourite telly snack. After kettle chips. And chocolate pretzels. And haribo. Oh ok dates dipped in cashew nut butter is my new favourite HEALTHY snack.
  • Cold mornings need caffeine to warm those not quite ready for Autumn fingers of mine. Couple the cappucino with a pair of heels and this girl can take on the world ;)
  • Eggs, eggs, eggs and more eggs. A recent break from the gym has seen me lose weight. I know, what? I love filling up with eggs when I am feeling hungry but don't want anything too heavy. And the recent duck eggs I bought from the farmers market? Those yolks were so yellow. Those were some happy ducks.
  • Cucumber martinis in TGI's for a new menu launch night. And making friends with the girlfriend of one of the best bartenders in the country. Who concocted me the best cucumber/margarita hybrid I've ever tasted. From now on all my friends need to be going out with mixologists.

  • Bath crayons that claim to come off the bath but are still evident 3 months later. Totally losing my flat deposit. And suing Peppa Pig.
  • Bills, Bills, Bills. I love this place and my most recent trip with Charlene was no exception. Give me more of that Baba Ganoush!
  • Bare toes on warm sands while Ava played with her bucket and spade. Staycations like a quick overnight trip to Ayrshire are what I live and breath for. Especially when that sun shines like so...
  • And I get amazing shots like that picture I took up there just before sunset. Just look at that reflection on the water!

  •  Farmers markets make me happy. Not so much Ava who finds her total fear of dogs gets in the way of really enjoying our little Saturday morning trips. Although a hot and fresh made doughnut from the cake stall while mama sips her morning latte does seem to ease her pain a little ;)
  • I made cauliflower pizza dough. Massive disappointment that only left me craving Papa Johns. 
  • Mussels with chorizo at Elliots in Prestwick. I had been wanting to try this place for a while after going to Scott's in Largs. It did not disappoint.
  • My very tiny three year old in front of Dunure Castle remains near Heads of Ayr. Who turns four in only one week! Eeeeeeeek.


Gwen - TheFoodieHistorian said...

I am more glad than I should be that someone else doesn't enjoy the whole "cauliflower as carbs" thing. Cauliflower pizza? Wrong. So wrong.

Dawn Young said...

So so wrong.