Thursday, 26 November 2015


  1. My new coffee grinder.  I have taken to grinding my own coffee beans courtesy of a a very special birthday present from a very special girl. There's something about clutching a hot cup of coffee that you brewed yourself while looking through the window at the frost that makes me feel all warm and happy inside.
  2. Big Magic. I am only a couple of chapters into Elizabeth Gilbert's latest literary offering but I already love it. I always think that the best friends buy you the best presents because they know you so well. Don't you agree?
  3. Christmas. I've managed to hold off from putting up the tree and am biting my lip a little to stop myself from going on about how excited I am. But come December it's going to be full blown Christmas around these parts! I've even ordered a personalised Ben & Holly Christmas book for Ava so we can read it every night in the run up to Christmas. If you fancy ordering one for your little one then I even have a discount code. Just follow this link then type in PENWIZARD1 at the checkout to get £3 off! 
  4. Winter food. I have been cooking the best winter foods including some super spicy Dan Dan Noodles, an amazing Winter super food salad & a delicious sweet potato and chickpea tagine served with flaked almonds, cous cous and a massive dollop of greek yog. All the recipes coming to the blog very soon...
  5. Champagne on a Tuesday. Well ok, prosecco. Because I was on my own. But what else is a girl to do when she receives some very good news on a week night?
  6. Pancakes. I must mention our Sunday pancake rituals on every one of my 'current loves' posts however we have finally got the perfect recipe down. After much deliberation, recipe testing and trial and error'ing we have perfected the perfect American fluffy pancakes. The rules? Self-raising flour, a touch of baking soda and not too much milk!
  7. Food banks. I am that girl who swears she will drop something into food bank cages during every shopping trip then doesn't remember until she is on her way out the supermarket or driving home. But I can't help but think we should all be looking after each other that little bit more during these cold, Christmassy months. So I have been making a real effort to try and drop something in every single time I hit Tesco. Please do the same. Belly's need to be full this time of year!
  8. Frozen 2. I mean seriously? Is this really happening? Ava's already decided which aisle she wants to sit in the cinema and what type of popcorn she is having.
  9. Pomegranate seeds. On everything. Salads, tabbouleh, chargrilled veggies. The beauty of these little babies is that you can keep them in the freezer because they defrost in literally no time at all. I'm loving the little crunch of sweetness they bring to all the Ottelenghi inspired Middle Eastern dishes I have been creating. And because they are fruit they totally counteract all the sausages I've been eating.
  10. Breaking Bad. On episode 4. I'm still 50/50 if I love it.I swear I read actual books before Netflix. 


Kirsty said...

Stick with Breaking Bad, PLEASE! xxx

Dawn Young said...

Promise! xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey, just read your twitter page, re stinking rabbit, put him in a carrier bag then into the freezer for an hour, he wont smell any better but the cold will kill the germs and bacteria he is carrying. Its the next best thing.

G said...

the cold freezer will not kill the germs, the cold will just put them to sleep when you bring him back out the germs will still be there.