Monday, 9 November 2015


  • This weather means staying indoors. Because who really wants to turn up to an event with wet hair and soggy shoes anyway? And 6pm jigsaws are so much still a thing they have become a tradition.
  • As are cosy nights in, copious amount of home made soup and slow cooker concoctions for dinner. I might be blasting the heating a bit too much if I am still wearing PJ shorts though. Sorry environment.
  • Bath times are becoming a much more social affair too. Not only is Ava the perfect hair washing apprentice but we are saving water. You're welcome environment.
  • Little miss independent up there has started doing her own Whole Foods shop. She's also worked out how to work the telly remote and how to send text messages. She mainly communicates in emoji's. Much like myself.

  • My Mum was over from Cyprus for a couple of weeks and you've all read the blog long enough to know what that means... Lots of eating out, lots of fizz and maybe a little road trip thrown in for good measure...

  • Taking Autumn inspired shots on an evening wander around Finnieston after a birthday meal at Crabshakk. Which taught me two things. A) seafood will always be my favourite but B) I will never like razor clams.
  • Seeing the amazing squashes all bundled up in the veg section of the supermarkets is inspiring some very seasonal eating. Like an amazing sausage, butternut and sweet potato bake that I will be blogging about very soon.
  • My recently developed Spanish palette still shows no signs of abating though so when I arranged a mate date with Charlene it simply had to be tapas. And La Boca delivered the goods.
  • From there we headed off to the Glasgow Apex Hotel launch night where we ate candy floss, talked about life and drank cocktails from a frozen ducks butt. As you do.

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