Wednesday, 4 November 2015


I know. It's a total cliche to be a blogger and go on about your love of autumn. But how does that even work? Does your favourite season have to be autumn before you are allowed to be a blogger? What about the bloggers who love Spring? How come I never see their blogs? Why is every single post on my reader right now full of photos of steaming mugs of hot chocolate and crisp autumn leaves? Why do ALL bloggers love autumn so much? Life question.

Thing is - I genuinely do. But I don't think it's so much the gorgeous crunch of the leaves or the excuse to pour a bubble bath that does it. I think it's just an even better excuse to stay in. And I really love staying in. I'm not even fussy about the company. Whether I am snuggled up with a pair of strong arms around me, cosy under a blanket watching a Disney movie with Ava (who has managed to negotiate a later than usual bedtime) or relaxing with a glass of red and some solo box set plans...

... I really do love not going out. 

I love leaving work only to find it's dark already. I get excited on the drive home knowing that the radiators will have kicked in and the place will be toasty. I adore a flat full of the smell of roasted chicken. And then the subsequent stock that simmers for hours on the stove. I light every one of my candles as soon as I step through the door. Like this amazing one from Shearer Candles. I get excited for new pyjamas and the fact I have just downloaded Netflix. Oh Netflix. I only got you on Sunday and I have lost 10 hours of my life to you already. I definitely didn't end up watching episodes of Fargo in bed at midnight last night with a massive bowl of steaming soup, a ham & hoummous wrap and a pile of biscuits. Biscuits in bed. Something I absolutely forbid of Ava yet sneakily indulge in myself when she goes to her Dad's.

Don't tell.

I think November is going to be a very quiet month.

I think I might very well hibernate. 

Less cocktails in city centre bars.

Less indulgent meals out on the town.

More sleep.

If I can stay off Netflix that is...

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