Monday, 1 February 2016


  1. Rice crackers. In particular those rice crackers up there. The Snack Organisation recently sent us a few different flavours to try and I just can't get enough. Ava's been chomping on teriyaki while I have have dipping the lightly salted ones in hoummous and then sweet chilli sauce. Don't even try and pretend you don't also double dip. I'd walked past these a million times in Tesco without even thinking about picking them up but now they are a shopping list staple! 
  2. Recipes.  I have been cooking like a demon these past few weeks and I have SO MANY amazing recipes to share with you all. So promise you won't go anywhere.
  3. My sister's shopping addiction. Because that girl just keeps on sending over bags of clothes. Some even still have the labels on. This is an addiction I seriously hope she never beats.
  4. Avaisms. In our house that's an actual word. Ava has been coming out with some seriously funny material of late. Most recently telling people she has 'pins and noodles' in her foot. I'm saving the rest for a blog post.
  5. La Roche-Posay. Hands up and brownies honour I am not being sponsored to say that. These amazing products have been saving my skin and getting me through winter.
  6. Christmas leftovers. I found some turkey and chestnut stuffing at the back of the freezer the other night and managed to create a little christmas themed risotto which I complimented with a pile of shredded and stir-fried brussel sprouts. It tasted good but felt Christmassy. Which was a little weird.
  7. The next road trip. You have no idea how excited I am about the fact I'm heading up to Skye in a couple of weeks. I'm even paying a visit to The Kitchen Table at Michelin starred The Three Chimneys. So that's pretty much my life made.
  8. Friends. Or more to the point a buzzing phone. Buzzing with the friends who care. Constantly checking on me when I was feeling a litte confused and down about some life choices. I never want to not appreciate these people.
  9. Dips. So the vessel in which to enjoy said dips has changed from Walkers Extra Crunchy to vegetable crudites in another attempt to be healthier. But I cannot and will not give up those dips. Guacamole, salsa and caramelised onion hoummous being current faves. How often do I mention hoummous on this blog? I swear there should be an actual 12 steps programme for hoummous. How do you even spell hoummous? I must have seen it spelled about 1254 different ways. I will stop talking about hoummous.
  10. Friday nights. New tradition alert. PJ's, games, sweets and movie nights on a Friday. End of the week celebrations are where it's at and we do it in style. Last week's included pick n mix (served in princess cups), Minions and me getting beat at the Happy Feet game. Perfection.


felicity said...

Great post Dawn! You're going to my island! May I recommend Scorrybreac if it's not already on your foodie radar, you'll probs need to book in advance! Hope to see you soon xxx

Dawn Young said...

I will definitely check that place out! Thanks for the heads up! xx