Tuesday, 29 March 2016



  • Amazing brunch recently at Singl-end in Glasgow. I had heard such good things about this place that despite it being a little out of the way, I was determined to go. So much so that I put up with my little sister's protestations that it was 'practically in the west end' and 'we were too old to be walking along Sauchiehall Street' and insisted on dragging her all the way up there. It was worth it for that nut & olive bread alone.
  • I got beat at bowling by a 4 year old. And I had the bumpers up. I'm still not ready to talk about it.
  • Don't judge but until about a year ago I was unable to eat two animals at the same time. Like it really weirded me out. A chicken and bacon sandwich would literally leave me wretching. But then I ate a special chow mein whilst slightly intoxicated and I haven't looked back since. This Jamie Oliver chicken and bacon tray bake was pretty decent. And probably the only thing I have cooked in a month so a momentous occasion for all.
  • Always late to the party, I finally hauled ass to Paesano Pizza about 6 months behind everyone else. In true Dawn style I went for the saltiest, fishiest thing I could find on the menu (capers, anchovies & olives in case you're interested). This place is worth the hype.

  • Not one for eating out (ahem), I also took a wander up to Bloc recently and sampled what can only be described as a cardiac arrest on a plate. A massive hot dog wrapped in bacon and laden with beef chilli, pulled pork & Monteray Jack cheese sauce. I know.
  • Beautiful blooms from my munchkin for Mother's Day. I held onto these for as long as I could and tried every trick in the book to make them last longer. Including feeding them cider!
  • Drinking flat whites at 6pm. I'm getting cavalier with my coffee habit. Needless to say I didn't sleep till about 2am. Lesson learned.
  • Possibly my favourite starter in Glasgow: chargrilled bacon steak with pickled greens and piccalilli dressing from The McMillan in the south side. I rarely order the same thing twice but I have this amazing starter every time I go.

  • A drinks shelf. I am finally an adult. Albeit a very small drinks shelf. But let's face it, that's probably for the best.
  • I told Ava recently she could pick a sweetie and she came back with a full pizza made of jelly sweets. How could I say no? I mean it's a pizza made of sweets. I repeat: a pizza made of sweets.
  • Using up the last of the Lush bath bombs and this one in particular turned the bathwater an aqua blue colour and made me long for holidays. Counting down the days until Cyprus...
  • One of my recipes recently made it into an e-book for Furniture at Work! It's made me all the more inclined to get cracking on my recipe book: The Thing About Cooking ;)

  • Paella. About three nights in a row. Because who cooks a paella for one?
  • Oh and drizzling smoked garlic chilli oil all over hoummous and then dipping in carrot sticks in my new favourite thing. 
  • A post farmers market lunch with my favourite girl on an idle Saturday at Roastit Bubbly Jocks. The service in here is always great and it's worth a visit for the name alone.
  • I'm not a huge steak girl but I recently scored free Chateaubriand and I think it might be the best steak I ever tasted. Especially when I was given step by step instructions over Whatsapp on how to cook it correctly. It turns out I've been cooking steak wrong and it also turns out that fillet steak is awesome.

  • Still all over that courgetti train (when I'm not mindlessly eating salted popcorn for dinner). I'm getting bored though. What other inane vegetable can I spiralise?
  • Highlander is one of my mums favourite movies and I still have vague memories of being allowed to stay up past my bedtime, trying not to move in case my parents remembered I was there, watching Christopher Lambert declare "there can be only one". So imagine my delight when I finally got to see this castle of dreams for myself on a recent road trip.
  • Wednesday night date nights with Ava are my favourite. Especially when I get to beat her at Peppa Pig snap.
  • I am on a quest to find this beer in Glasgow and buy it all! I discovered it in Skye and it's the most perfect pint for this blonde beer loving gal! If you know where I can find it in Glasgow town then hit me up! 

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If it's any consolation I'm sure she could beat ME at bowling too...