Monday, 30 May 2016

C Y P R U S 2016

Despite constantly banging on about how much I love Scotland, when the opportunity arises to grab some sun, I'm a more than willing participant. Thankfully I'm very lucky to have a Mama who made the wise decision to relocate to Cyprus ten years ago, meaning said opportunity arises annually. So despite some pre-flight jitters due to a missing passport (which ended up being at her Dads, PHEW), Ava and I recently boarded a plane for the small town of Oroklini to spend an exciting two weeks with Yaya & Grumpy.

 If there was one thing we did more than any other on this holiday then it would have to be sleep. I slept more than I think I ever have, averaging around 13 hours a night and even sneaking in the odd nap here or there. The fact I have come home feeling so utterly relaxed and chilled gives me the impression I must have been really needing all that snoozing...

This particular trip over to Cyprus (there's been many), stands out as being a bit more special. Maybe it was the fact that Ava was that little bit older, easier to look after and made lots of new friends. Or perhaps it was the fact that I'd had a slightly stressful few months. Whatever it was, this will go down as one of our favourite visits to date. We spent quality and much needed time with my Mum, something I know she misses intensely, being all those air miles away. We ate out every night, lay in every morning & spent many a lazy day by the pool...

We ate souvlaki, fresh seafood, halloumi  & ice-cream until it was coming out of our ears. Drank cocktails on Pirate ships & I even managed to indulge in a few Bloody Mary's and some me time to sunbathe when Ava went off to spend time with her Grandma. I spent a good deal of this holiday on a sun lounger with a beer in my hand, my only worry being where we might eat that night, or if Ava's Factor 50 needed topping up. We wore flowers in our hair, took nice photos on old looking Cypriot doorsteps and I might even have squeezed in a morning fry-up.

Or three...

What really stuck out for me on this trip was how much I didn't realise I needed it. I needed that sleep, that fun, that relaxation & that important girl time spent with Ava that wasn't broken up by weekly (but necessary) visits to her Dads. 

I regained my vision, relaxed my soul & got back the clarity of who I was. 

I always come home from our annual jaunts to Cyprus with good memories, but this year we are coming back with some really, really great ones. I've come home with a clearer head, a happier outlook, a pretty awesome tan and a million scribbles and ideas of things I want to write about. So many of my thoughts were brought home in that battered old suitcase of ours. Some scribbled onto dog eared stained sheets of colouring in paper, others jotted onto the back of old beermats. A million thoughts I plan to make into proper words. A million thoughts I'm excited to formulate into sentences.

My skinny jeans might be a little tight and my liver might be crying out for a break, but my positivity is back, my heart is strong & my skin has that post holiday glow to it that you simply can't bottle.

I've come home excited, fulfilled and ready for what is hopefully set to be one of the best summers we have seen in ages

But even if the sun decides not to shine, I have a funny feeling that this summer is still going to be a really, really good one. 

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