Tuesday, 10 May 2016


  • Delicious Tafelspitz recently at The Butchershop in Glasgow with Michelle. Any Sunday where I get to drink red wine and they bring a piece of meat the size of my head to the table & carve it in front of me is a good Sunday in my book.
  • It's been so sunny & warm here of late. Ava & I have been loving the lack of rain. Well I have. She kind of misses the puddles.
  • I finally had brunch at Moyra Janes, even though I've lived in the south side now for pretty much forever. I had kippers with scrambled eggs and lots of brown toast. Definitely a new breakfast spot!
  • Beer in the sun. Like most of the country, I went straight to a beer garden come 5pm yesterday. Being a school night I just had the one but it felt damn good to sit out and feel the sun on my face.

  • Ava & I started off our weekend last Friday with movie night, which has become a bit of a habit round these parts. In fact we may or may not have eaten crisps & Haribo for dinner. This weekend's movie was Matilda. We're all about the girly movies these days! 
  • We got up the next morning and decided to take a road trip to Largs. We took the scenic route through Inverkip & Wemys Bay then naturally headed straight for Nardini's, where we ate massive portions of fish & chips & eyed up everybody else's ice cream sundaes.
  • Next up was a spot of shell collecting on the beach & a last minute decision to jump on the ferry to Millport. Ava's excited face on the boat journey over was pretty much perfect, especially when she realised this organised Mama had remembered to bring boat snacks. Once in Millport we visited the sweetie shop, had a very windy game of crazy golf and I might even have joined her on the bouncy castle.
  • Once safely ensconced back on the mainland we treated ourselves to some well earned ice cream and chatted about what seagulls got up to in their spare time. The rain even stayed off until we were safely on our journey back to Glasgow, where Ava declared on the way home it was 'the best day of her WHOLE life'. Result.

  • Lazy Saturday mornings are not something I am used to so I took full advantage of Ava going on holiday with her Dad recently to sleep late and watch Netflix in bed till mid-afternoon... 
  • Yummy antipasto recently at Prezzo in Glasgow. Full review here if you fancy a read.
  • I finally tried a burger from The McMillan after hearing such good things about them. That mammoth meat feast wiped the floor with me. Still managed to finish my plate though...
  • My massive map of Scotland has been catching my eye of late and making me yearn to see more of the highlands. My hippie, wandering ways are pretty much the reason I will remain forever overdrawn. But who needs a mortgage anyway ;)

  • Practising our sunglasses selfies in preperation for our holiday to Cyprus!
  • Another trip to Tabac simply in order to drink our fizz out of proper champagne glasses. I can't seem to drink out of these glasses without spilling it although it never seems to stop me trying.
  • Yummy dinner of Steak Roly Poly with homemade beans & mash at my favourite restaurant, Ian Brown's with the lovely Louise a couple of weeks ago! I swear that place never gets old.
  • Amazing moment caught on camera when I woke about 5am & caught Ava sleeping as the morning light was just beginning to creep through the curtains. I couldn't resist taking this sneaky photo of how beautiful she looked.

  • Super healthy miso & broccoli bowl I made recently despite a serious lack of cooking efforts in the kitchen from moi of late. Everything looks so much prettier served in heart shaped bowls though, don't you think? It's really no wonder Ava is so girly.
  • Amazing cocktails with the girls at Las Iguanus. No matter where we go for drinks, we always seem to end up here. But they do a pretty amazing Caipirinha so that may or may not have something to do with it!
  • Solo trip to Loch Lomond. Having been on many expeditions up north & usually being lucky enough to be sitting on the passenger side on the way home, I've often stared out the window across the water & wondered what lay on the other side. The other Sunday I jumped in the car and found out. I stopped at the side of the road & caught this pretty picture of the loch. I don't know when I got so patriotic on you lot, but I sure do love my country!
  • Finally, a recent dinner at Church on the Hill. Where my seafood curry was on point, even if the kid did eat all my prawn crackers.


elizabeth said...

Such a gorgeous blog and pictures! I loved reading this, the picture of Loch Lomond is so lovely and I can remember visiting a few years ago :D it reminded me of our lake Windermere so much! Gave you a follow on GFC! xx

elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

Claire said...

Argh I'm moving home to Glasgow in a couple of months and after reading this post I CAN'T WAIT! Have taken a note of all these brilliant places, so if you see me stalking you in September... I'm not even sorry ;-))

Dawn Young said...

Thank you so much & thanks for the follow! I love new readers :) X

Dawn Young said...

Haha well if you do then make sure you come say hi! X